Lyme Disease and Bladder Leakage

depend briefs

Thanks to Depend for sponsoring today's discussion.   This subject can be hard to discuss as it does entail a fair amount of vulnerability on my part. One of the reasons I was so happy to be asked to work with the brand Depend on this post is because I think it's time we stop being … [Continue reading]

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

The benefits of Oil Pulling

A while back, I heard about something called oil pulling. I was intrigued by the concept. If you haven't heard of it, this post will tell you my personal experience with it as well as how to do it so you can try it out yourself. I am a big believer in the benefits of oil pulling as I have had … [Continue reading]

10 Uses for Magic Erasers

10 uses for magic erasers

10 Uses for Magic Erasers Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know what a "Magic Eraser" is. I was skeptical years ago when I … [Continue reading]

How to Save Money on Coconut Oil

How to save money on coconut oil

How to Save Money on Coconut Oil Today, Jess is sharing her tips on how to save money on coconut oil. Coconut oil is something that has been used … [Continue reading]

DIY Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

mozzarella cheese recipe

DIY Mozzarella Cheese Recipe   I wish I lived in the country and could have chickens, a huge garden and a few other animals. I dream of … [Continue reading]

The Problem With Black and White Thinking When it Comes to Disability

the problem with black and white thinking when it comes to disability

The Problem With Black and White Thinking When it Comes to Disability   I sometimes like to use my blog to write out my feelings and recently … [Continue reading]

Awesome Uses for Empty K Cups

awesome uses for empty k cups

Awesome Uses For Empty K Cups   Do you love coffee but are not sure what to do with those leftover K cups? Here are several uses for empty k … [Continue reading]

Campbell’s Labels for Education Hamburger Casserole with #Labels4Edu & #cbias

labels for education

I remember the first time I heard of the #Labels4Edu (Labels for Education) program as a child. I was in elementary school and my class was told about … [Continue reading]

Spicy Sriracha Cucumber Stir Fry #Veggetti

Spicy Sriracha cucumber stir fry

I first saw the Veggetti on Tv as a commercial and I thought, "Wow! This could be great for me since it allows me to make low carb pasta!" I was very … [Continue reading]

6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Throwing Away

6 things you should never throw away

Did you know that some thing we throw away not only pollute the earth for a long time (like thousands of years or more!) but also pollute our water … [Continue reading]