6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

6 Ways to Have and Eco Friendly Wedding- Tips for throwing the green wedding of your dreams and ideas to create a special day Mother Nature will rejoice in.

When I got married in 2009, I admit I wasn't as 'green' as I am now. My green lifestyle changes have been a journey for me and I was in the baby steps portion of it at that point. I didn't even think of doing things in a more Eco-friendly way at the time. I didn't have a super expensive wedding, as … [Continue reading]

Low Fat Protein Rich Chicken Salad Sandwich Wraps #NewComfortFood

High Protein low fat chicken salad sandwich wraps

    I have teenagers. Currently, just one lives here, yet it seems that with everyone's schedule we rarely get a chance to have a family meal since we are all going different directions all at once. For me, this means any meals I do make when we happen to all be here have to be … [Continue reading]

Low Carb Pumpkin Treats

Low Carb Pumpkin Treats- From sweet to savory, these pumpkin treats will help you get your fill with lower carbs. Many are vegan and gluten-free, too!

It's almost fall! For many people, that means its pumpkin season. Stores and brands start going nuts with pumpkin spice flavored stuff and although I … [Continue reading]

How to Avoid Produce Waste

tips for avoiding produce waste

I hate to admit it, but I am living in a household that seems to be committing a crime of sorts; produce waste all.the.time. I wrote a post not too … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Covered Apple Bites

Chocolate covered green apple pops

I made this recipe last year but didn't get a chance to put it up until now. With apple season upon us, and the fact that I live in the state that … [Continue reading]

How to Save Money on Natural and Organic Beauty Products

How to Save Money on Natural Beauty Products- You don't have to spend more to get natural makeup and beauty products! Here's some tips to save you money.

Jess is sharing ways to get organic makeup and beauty products at lower costs.   Buying anything in regards to our bodies can be incredibly … [Continue reading]

18 Healthy Portable Snacks for Teens and Tweens

18 Healthy Portable Snacks for Teens and Tweens- Looking for some great snacks for teens and tweens on the go this school year? Here are 18 healthy snacks!

This post is sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios. All opinions and words are my own. Thank you for supporting  #GivingBackPacks ! I have … [Continue reading]

Triple Cherry Pie Recipe

Triple Cherry Pie Recipe

I live in Washington state. For many people that means that our biggest harvest is apples, but something else Washington is known for is cherries, … [Continue reading]

FamilySearch’s Worldwide Indexing Event July 15-17

FamilySearch Worldwide Indexing Event 2016

    I really enjoy learning about my ancestry. It is so amazing to find out where your roots lie and what the people who came … [Continue reading]

Do You Know What’s in Your Food? #KnowYourYogurt

Whats in your yogurt

This post contains content sponsored by The Dannon Company, Inc. The opinions expressed in my post are my own. For more information on Dannon's move … [Continue reading]