10 Free Apps for Green Living

When trying to do anything these days, it seems like there’s an app for it. That’s amazing to me because it always feels like there is help on the way for whatever you are trying to accomplish. I like to live as green as it makes sense and I practically live on my phone. Apps have become a way of life for me and any that help me with my goals are a-OK to take up room on my phone. Here are 10 free apps for green living that I hope you find helpful as well.

10 Free Apps for Green Living

GoodGuide– This app for IOS is basically a lazy person’s guide to shopping for anything from groceries to household goods. You can scan barcodes and look up items and they rate them on a green scale of bad to good. Its’ great for checking items you think might just be “green-washed”.

Greenease– This app helps you find local restaurants that buy from sustainable farmers and local farmers. It will help you support local and live greener all at once. You can also find specialty restaurants that serve gluten-free, vegan and more.

ECORides– Think of it as Uber for Eco-friendly car rides. It works very similar to the Uber app, however, it’s only available in a few select cities in Canada and the United states, such as Ottawa, San Francisco, Toronto and Las Vegas. I hope they expand!

Love Food Hate Waste– If you are trying to have a Zero Waste Kitchen, this app is your new best pal. It can help you waste less food by helping you plan meals and use leftovers as well as create recipes based on what you have on hand so nothing goes to waste.

Green Wedding Planner– If you will be planning an Eco-friendly wedding any time soon, this app is one you need to get. You can plan a perfect wedding with this curated app showing ou the best venues, decor, dresses, recipes and more.

Green Vine Wine Insider– If you live along the west coast in Oregon or Washington like I do, you might like this app. It will help you locate wineries that employ green, organic and sustainable practices, get points for visiting them and redeem the points for more.

Zero CarbonРIf you are trying to look for everyday ways you can make small changes for big differences, this app will give you tips along the way  . It can also help you calculate your carbon footprint so you can be more aware and reduce it over time.

RecycleBank– For those wanting to recycle more, this app is the best one I have found. It not only helps you find where to recycle items locally, but gives pickup schedules and rewards you when you do. You can turn in your points for prizes such as magazine subscriptions, health and beauty items and even charitable donations.

Farmstand– Farmer’s markets are a great way to buy and shop locally, but what if you are new to town or visiting ad have no idea where to locate one? This app is designed to do just that!

Waze– This traffic app has been around for a few years, but I wanted to include it because I think overall, it helps reduce drive times and that lowers emissions. Waze is a user controlled app that lets you alert other drivers about traffic conditions so they can choose to take another route rather than sit in gridlock.


10 FREE Apps for Green Living- If you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, here are some essential free green living apps you should download today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. Most of them are new to me. I can’t wait to check out GoodGuide – I feel like so many companies trick consumers into thinking they are “green” when they’re totally faking it! This app will definitely come in handy!

  2. Great list. I had heard of a few but several are new to me. I’m excited to delve into the Love Food Hate Waste rabbit hole. I’m sure I’ll spend a good bit of time there.

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