10 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk

10 Things you should always buy in bulk

It’s no secret that buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. While it can be wasteful to buy some thing sin bulk, other things are almost always a better buy when purchased this way. Of course, it ultimately depends on your household’s usage on what you will choose to buy in bulk, but here is a general guideline to 10 things that are usually a good idea to get in larger quantity.


10 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk


1. Spices. This cannot be said enough. Spices and seasonings are much cheaper when you buy them in the bulk food section of your favorite store that carries them. Not only is it an amazing savings, it also is usually fresher and less wasteful.

2. Paper products. This includes toilet paper and paper towels. The larger packages of this stuff are often less than half the price of buying several small packages. Not only that, but there are constantly coupons circling around for these products. If you know when to look, you may end up like me: 2 cases of paper towels you got for free. I don’t normally use this many paper towels for just cleanup, but I do like to use them to make my own cleaning wipes.

3. Personal care items like shampoo. The larger bottles will be much cheaper by the ounce than smaller ones and since shampoo doesn’t really go “bad”, you should get the bigger ones if you can.

4. Vegetables that freeze easily. Buy vegetables that are freezer friendly such as peas, green beans, corn and low moisture vegetables when they are in season and flash freeze them. If you have home canning skills, this would also be a great way to preserve them.

5. Flour, sugar and other dry baking goods. This is usually cheaper if bought in the bulk foods section unless it is baking season around Christmas. The other day, I was at the store and saw cornmeal was 54 cents a pound. This is amazingly cheap considering a tub of it costs me around $2-$3 for 1 1/2 lbs,

6. Pasta. Another dry goods pantry staple that is a good deal in bulk is pasta. If you get lucky, you may be able to even find gluten free or low carb versions in the bulk foods section.

7. Chocolate. Buying baking chips or even just chunks of chocolate is a lot cheaper when purchased in bulk for making candies, cakes and other sweets. Perhaps, I included this because I just like the idea of having chocolate on hand in large quantities.

8. Vitamins. You will always get a better deal when you buy them in bulk. Whether that is a bigger package or a 2 for 1 deal that occasionally comes out, buying vitamins in bulk is always cheaper.

9. Batteries. Buying batteries in the larger packages will almost always save you money in the long run. If your household uses a lot of batteries, getting coupons for them and buying in big packages is definitely the way to go.

10. Cheese when it is on sale. You can buy blocks of it and shred it yourself for much cheaper than buying it in convenient packs already shredded for you.


The Key to buying in bulk is making sure you look at the price per unit (whether that be per pound, ounce or serving) and comparing it to other items that are similar. Make sure you are getting the best deal.

17 Replies to “10 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk”

  1. {Kathy{ Thanks for these tips. I have to confess…..I am a bit of a toilet paper hoarder so this just confirms my need to have 20 rolls on hand for any given catastrophe!!!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..how to chill out a mom in seven easy stepsMy Profile

    1. That’s OK. I am a hand soap hoarder 😉 We all have something, right?

  2. Thanks for this post Christine! I feel like I am constantly riding the “which way is cheaper” train for our groceries. I love going to Costco, but find that it isn’t always cheaper to buy in bulk. Guidelines like this will certainly help out!

    Happy SITS Day!
    Leah Sannar recently posted..Living with Crohn’s Disease: My Story, Chapter 6My Profile

  3. Great tips!! I totally agree on the paper and spices. Makes total sense! Enjoy your SITS day!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..What is Your Food Confession? Clean Your Slate With Women’s Health Magazine!My Profile

  4. Great tips! I don’t really buy from bulk stores (because I’m crazy) but we do shop at the commissary quite a bit. I’ll have to remember these the next time I’m going for the smaller package of TP! Happy SITS day!

    1. I was so anti-buying in bulk for the longest time. I just didn’t think unless you were feeding 10 people all the time, that it was worth it. Seriously, though, it is!

  5. Great list! I shop in bulk a lot not only to save money, but also for convenience’ sake. Happy SITS day!!
    Martha recently posted..Random Thursday: Movies I hate to admit I lovedMy Profile

    1. Yes, once you get into the swing of it, buying in bulk can be quite convenient. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Happy SITS Day! Love your list. I do buy in bulk paper products and handsoap/shampoo. I worry a little about spices, though, living in Louisiana…I always think that over time, the humidity will make the spices age faster or degrade or something. Plus, now I’m just cooking for two instead of the 4+ (before the kids grew up!) I was used to. Great blog!
    Lisa Green recently posted..Who Would Love Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Ride?My Profile

    1. I suggest getting airtight containers for your spices. They should keep a lot of the humidity out and even if you buy more frequently due to it, it is still cheaper in my opinion.

  7. Oh no! I just passed up bulk baking chocolate 75% off at the grocery store thinking it would go bad. Silly me. I bet it could be frozen too.

    Congratulations on your SITS Day.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted..The Real Reason You Weren’t Invited Along on that Consulting TripMy Profile

  8. We buy paper towels and toilet tissue in bulk from Sam’s Club. Our bathroom closets are stocked full of them. My husband says we will always need it for the rest of our lives so there’s no such thing as too much of it. LOL Enjoy your SITS Day.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted..Traffic Jam Weekend #5My Profile

  9. These are great tips. Hope that you have had a great SITS day.
    Sarah Fuller recently posted..Nine Ways to Save on LEGOLAND® and other Amusement Park TicketsMy Profile

  10. Great tips. With 6 kids in an apartment, shopping in bulk isn’t always an option. Knowing exactly which items give me the most bang for the buck is helpful. Thanks! Stopping by from SITS.
    Bridget Green recently posted..Wearing the SaintsMy Profile

  11. I can totally get behind bulk chocolate! Also, I definitely agree with all those tips!
    Sarah recently posted..You Can Paint! Painting Made Simple.My Profile

  12. I usually buy paper towel, spices, quinoa, steel cut oats and other non-perishable items in bulk. Saves me trips to the market. Stopping by from SITS!
    Yvonne Chase recently posted..He Must Have A College Degree If He Wants To Date MeMy Profile

  13. Yep, I do buy lots of this in bulk! Thanks! Happy SITS day
    Jean Lynd recently posted..EZ, Super Tasty Low Carb Beef EnchiladasMy Profile

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