10 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store to help You be More Green


One thing I hear very frequently is that going green is costly and too much out of people’ budgets to do financially and practically. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy Eco-friendly items these days and quite a few of them can be found right at your local dollar store.   Check out these top 10 things you can pick up for just a dollar!


10 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store to help You be More Green

1. Dish towels and cleaning rags.  Instead of wasting paper towels when cleaning around the house, pick up a pack or two of towels to get you started. We recently went paper product free in my kitchen and I feel so much better not having them around. It saves me money, too! You can often find microfiber rags there as well and they are super absorbent.

2. Baking soda. Not only as a refrigerator and freezer refresher, baking soda is a great cleaning product especially for bathtubs and showers.  Don’t forget to use as a toothpaste as well if you
run out of your brand.

3. Vinegar.  A long lasting and excellent cleaning item that is should be a staple in every home. Dilute in water in a spray bottle and use on windows, mirrors, and just about everything else. It’s
great for areas where your pets may frequently spend their time.

4.Epsom Salts– My dollar store recently had some and I occasionally see it other times as well. This salt is perfect for detox baths and it usually is on the expensive end so this is a great buy.

5. Chenille socks.  Okay, we all love the convenience of the tall handled floor mop and dusters we see all over the place at higher priced stores for about $20 or more!  Simple purchase a dollar
store brand mop and a few pairs of winter chenille type socks and put over the mop end.  Just wash the socks when dusty and reuse!

6. Refillable water bottle.  Why keep buying expensive bottles of water each day when traveling or while at work?  Look for the larger water jug at a dollar store and fill it up and take with you
wherever you need to go.  The smaller ones tend to leak a little, so make sure you find and try the little larger ones.

7. Clothesline and clothes pins.  For those nice Spring, Summer, and Fall days – go ahead and hang your laundry out to dry and save energy and don’t run your dryer.  It’s especially helpful if you
have heavy blankets to wash if you hang 2 clotheslines together for extra support.

8. Tote bags.  Most dollar stores have various reusable tote bags available that can be used for grocery shopping, errand running, and even for lunches for school or work.  No need to buy
paper lunch bags anymore.

9. Glassware and Mason Jars. I almost always pick up a couple on my trips to the dollar store because they are perfect for storing dry goods and seasonings in and glass is best when it comes to food storage.

10.Organic soaps. I see organic bar soaps at the dollar store all the time and this is a great thing to stock up on when you see them as well.

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  1. Great tips! I already do a few of the things on your list but the rags in place of paper towels I think I have to start on that asap. Cost way to much money and indeed wasteful. Thanks for share:)

    1. It is easier than you think to switch to rags over paper. I am actually going to write a post on it soon 🙂

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