10 Uses for Leftover or Used Wrapping Paper

Ashley is sharing great ways to reuse all that wrapping paper you will have after the holidays are over.


Don’t you just hate it when you get to the end of your wrapping paper roll and think there is just enough to do one more gift, but then it’s like .5cm to small?! Trust me you aren’t alone! Then, you are like what in the heck am I going to do with this piece of wrapping paper? Don’t stress it; here are 10 uses for leftover or used wrapping paper that will make you feel much better about it not fitting that last gift.

10 Uses for Leftover or Used Wrapping Paper

Give it to a teacher. Seriously, teachers are broke and that’s no joke. Wrapping paper can offer teachers a way to decorate their bulletin boards, do crafts, or wrap books for Christmas.

Use it for gift bags. Instead of buying tissue paper, fill your gift bags with strips or confetti wrapping paper.

Line your bookshelves. Get in the spirit this year and line your bookshelves with decorative wrapping paper. It is an inexpensive way to spruce up your decor.

Make gift bows. Gift bows are expensive, but you can make your own by curling long rectangular pieces like you would a ribbon. Make that present a little more elegant.

Make a bouquet. The season will come when you need some way of making those flowers you bought for your best friend pretty. Turn leftover or used wrapping paper into pretty holders for your bouquet.

Make pencil holders. This is a double deal. You can make pencil holders from old cans and jars. Simply wrap them with leftover or used wrapping paper to make it look like you bought it from a catalog.

Shred them up. A great way to reuse wrapping paper is to shred it up. You can also cut those shreds into little confetti papers. Use the shredded paper in boxes, gifts, or just to decorate a party.

Use wrapping paper for scrapbooking. You know that scrapbook that is sitting in your closet collecting dust, get it out and start working on it. You can use the wrapping paper as a layer to your pictures, cut out shapes and designs, or even use it to create letters.

Make some crafty bookmarks. With a little cardboard and some wrapping paper, you can make some cute bookmarks to give away, sell, or you use for yourself.

Wrap up that wine bottle. Check out 3 ways to make a wine bag out of wrapping paper so you don’t have to buy any more than you have to this year.

What do you do with leftover or used wrapping paper? We would love to know your Christmas secrets so share them in the comments below!

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