10 Ways to Get A Better Price on Purchases

Ever since I went on my journey as a more frugal living mom, I have been looking for any way to save money. I am always amazed by how easy it is to get discounts if you know how to do so. I hardly ever pay full price for most things that I don’t have to.  I look back to my pre-frugal days and can’t believe I paid as much as I did for things and laugh at my excuses I made to continue to do so.


When I went frugal, I thought it meant that I would have to give up on the things I loved and live even more restricted. What is really funny about that line of thinking is, I actually live better now and appreciate more.

What are some ways you can get a better price on things you buy? Here are 15 ways I use to get a better deal. Keep in mind that these won’t work on everything, but it’s always worth a shot if you think they will.

1) Coupons-while this is an obvious money saver, many people, including myself at one point, thought this was not worth the time it takes to hunt them down. Really, I spend less than 30 minutes per week and have saved at least a thousand dollars in the last 6 months on everything from groceries to oil changes.

2) Take surveys– Many companies now are asking their customers to take service surveys to get free products or a percentage off of a purchase. I have gotten free combo meals, Free oil changes, half off tires and even free loads of laundry at the laundry mat by completing these 5-10 minute surveys. They are definitely worth the time.

3) Ask– It never hurts to ask for a discount. Especially if you are haggling with a thrift store or a yard sale. Plus many places offer discounts for students, seniors and AAA members.

4) Look for items that might get you a discount and find the person in charge. See meat that is about to expire? Ask the butcher department’s manager to discount it for you.

5) Join rewards programs– It is so common to find rewards programs at everywhere from grocery stores to restaurants. Use them. The points add up and can mean savings on gas and merchandise.

6) Buy online– Usually, stores run online exclusive sales that you can’t get in-store. Just sign up for newsletters to your favorite stores and be notified when a sale is going on.

7) Shop for next year– Buy clothes at end of season sales for a deep discount for next year. Need a new grill for next summer? Now is the time to buy it, while it is discounted.

8) Watch the register for errors– Many stores will give you the item for free if it scans incorrectly. At the very least, you will not be overcharged.

9) Buy off the “scratch and dent” rack– These items may be ugly, but are perfectly usable. I have twice now bought flour that had a small tear in the bag and was taped up in this section of the store for less than half price. I got some expensive cat litter for cheaper than the price of the cheap-o cat litter as well.

10) Know what is in season. For a great post on shopping for produce in season, check out this one.

What is your favorite way to get a good deal?


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