12 Uses for Ipsy Bags

I have been subscribing to Ipsy for over a year now and I love all the little bags I get from them every month. The problem is, I only have so much need for little makeup bags for my actual makeup, and based on the fact that I see so many Ipsy bags at thrift stores, I am guessing others feel the same way. Since I hate waste and I love to reuse things, I started brainstorming all the ways I or others could use these bags in their lives rather than toss them. Here are some uses for Ipsy bags I hope you find helpful.

12 Uses for Ipsy Bags

Organize your purse with them– One of my favorite ways to use Ipsy bags is to organize my purse with them. I carry coins and cards in one, makeup in another and odds and ends in a 3rd. This keeps me from having to dig around the find smaller stuff and also less chance I will lose them.

Use them for medical supplies you need to carry– Since I am a diabetic, I use an Ipsy bag as my diabetic kit. I carry my insulin pen, meter, poker, test strips, alcohol pads and extra needle tips. It’s the perfect size!

Give them to middle school teachers to be used for girls starting their cycles– If you know a teacher that teaches middle school, offer them to her. I have heard of teachers making first period kits with them for students to discretely have when an unexpected cycle happens. The teacher places a couple of pads, tampons and even a small chocolate treat in them!

Organize small stuff for traveling– Ipsy bags are great for organizing your suitcase (they can hold jewelry, makeup and other small things) and your carry on bag(for earbuds, cell phones and travel IDs).

Donate them to charity– We have a charity here called Project Beauty Share that takes new and gently used makeup products and gets them into the hands of low income women re-entering the workforce. They also take clean makeup bags! Check out this link for more information on how to send them your bags and to make a donation of maybe some makeup items you got in yours you weren’t thrilled with.

Create a first aid kit in one– A first aid kit is great to have in your purse or glove box. Use a glam bag to make a mini first aid kit with band aids, gauze, antibacterial ointment and whatever else you think you will need in a pinch for minor issues.

Use them to haul tech items– Ipsy bags make great places to place your charger, phone, Nintendo DS and earbuds in for hauling with you.

Give them as gifts– Why not give some as gifts filled with personal care items or makeup to your friends or teenage family members?

Organize your bathroom, desk or even kitchen with them– Use the bags to organize items such as different kinds of makeup or q-tips in your bathroom. In your desk, you could keep pens, paper clips and more organized. Kitchen junk drawers suddenly become organized, too!

Make a travel toy kit for small children– Small toys like matchbox cars, crayons and playing cards can easily be organized for your purse so you have a small entertainment toy set for long waits in places.

Organize your car with them– Use this Happy Travels organization idea from I Heart Organizing to transform your Ipsy bags into great car organization tools.

Make one into a wetbag for reuseable period products– Some of the bags I have gotten are relatively water resistant inside or can be easily washed and since I use reusable mama cloth, an Ipsy bag might be a great way to have a stylish wetbag. You could simply follow these instructions to make them more waterproof if you are worried about it, too.

Turn one into a craft projectlottacurlz has a wonderful YouTube channel that has so many Ipsy bag craft projects. They include mini-purses, magnetic pallets and even pillows!


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  1. Great ideas! We are having a Facebook convo about this now and I shared your post! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the way we could use or share our Ipsy’s bags! I am now going to organize my purse and take them to my grandchilds middle school teacher… Thanks You

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