15 Healthy Spooky Snacks for Halloween


Healthier Halloween Snack Options

While candy is central to Halloween fun, there are some fun and spooky healthy alternatives. These simple recipes will be great to take to classroom parties, have at your own Halloween get-together or even just make with the kiddos at home to celebrate the spooky season.

Some of these recipes call for peanut butter, almonds and other allergens. Please feel free to substitute with soy “peanut” butter or anything else that suit’s the recipe.

Banana Ghosts:

Cut a banana in half. Stick upright on a plate of push a popsicle stick through the bottom. Attach chocolate chip eyes. If you want to create fuzzy ghosts, simple roll in shredded coconut.

Roasted Pumpkin seeds:

After the fun of digging out your Jack-o-lantern, you will have the seeds. They are simple to bake. Just clean them off well, boil in salt water for approximately 10 minutes and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Check halfway through and flip them over. Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals and iron. For seasoning, try using salt or even just some garlic powder.

Deviled Egg Spiders:

Just make deviled eggs the way you normally would but here’s the twist: Cut a black olive in half for the body. Slice the other half thin into “legs”. Place the black olive spider on top for a spooky fun treat. You could also turn them into deviled egg eyes with just a green or black olive slice for a pupil.

Finger Sand-witches:

Make sandwiches like you normally would. Nutella or peanut butter works best. Slice the bread into finger sized strips. Attach a slice of almond on the end to look like a fingernail. This can be done with a little peanut butter.

Pumpkin Oranges:

There are two ways to do this. You can peel off the outer peel on the orange and attach a pickle sliver at the top for the stem or you can leave the peel on and take a black food-safe marker and draw a jack-o-lantern face. This would be a great thing to send in a lunchbox!

Jagged Monster Mouths:

Slice apples (green look ghoulish!) and leave the skins on. Spread some peanut butter on one side. Put two pieces together to look like a mouth. Add slivered almonds to the “mouth” to resemble jagged and brown monster teeth.

Bloody Monster Eyes:

Use round crackers for this one such as Ritz. Put a little strawberry or other red jam on the cracker. Place a banana slice on top and a chocolate chip for the pupil. You can also use a marshmallow for the banana part, if desired.

Mummy Muffin Pizzas:

Slice English muffins in half and cover with pizza sauce. Place mozzarella cheese on top. Make a place for two mummy eyes to stick out and place sliced black or green olives in it. Bake at 350 degrees F for 1-15 minutes.

Witches’ Brooms:

Take string cheese and slice off the solid bottoms about 2 inches. Make cuts in it to make the broom look like it has bristles. Attach to a large pretzel rod with a bit of cream cheese to hold it in place.

Candy Corn Fruit Cups:

Layer Mandarin oranges, then pineapples in a glass or plastic see-through cup. Top with whipped topping.

Cheesy Bats:

Using a cube of cheddar cheese, gently make a small slit in each side. Now, place a corner of a blue corn tortilla chip in and you have a simple bat!

Snow Pea Vampire mouths:

Make a small slit in the side of a snow pea. Add fangs using slivered almonds. To add blood, just slip a little pizza sauce inside. These taste great baked for just a few minuets at $550 degrees F.

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