17 Incredible Uses for Old Yoga Mats

I do yoga wherever I can and this often means I am outside doing it. With that comes wear and tear that wouldn’t happen as fast if I only did yoga indoors. Either way, yoga mats do wear out sometimes and that means I am left trying to figure out what to do with my old yoga mats. I absolutely hate waste and just throwing something out carelessly so I came up with some ways to reuse and give new life to old yoga mats.



17 Incredible Uses for Old Yoga Mats

Cut them to make place mats– these place mats will be non slip so they are perfect for small kids and pets, too.

Use as a seat cover– back seats take a lot of abuse, especially if you have pets or kids. Use an old on to line the seat so that your seats stay scratch free. They also work well for wet bodies after the pool.

Use a mat to keep messes at bay– Yoga mats are great for keeping paint, play dough and glue off your tables. Just cut them to size.

Make one into a garden mat– Gardeners will love using their mats for a cushion from the ground.

Cut one into a dash board topper– They are great for dashes of cars to protect them from the sun and be non-slip.

Make a kitty litter pad– Place a square of one in front of your litter box to help keep kitty litter from getting spread far outside the box.

Use one for a bath mat– Old yoga mats make great bath mats.

Line a pet carrier with one– This will make your pet more comfortable and make it easier for you to clean.

Use when moving– Yoga mats make great pads for furniture and valuables.

Take one camping– Yoga mats can be great in the great outdoors. Use one for extra padding when tent camping or to keep things padded or from sliding around in the RV.

Hit the beach– Yoga mats work great as something to sit on at the beach.

Donate it to a homeless shelter– Yoga mats are great for donating because they can be used by the homeless shelters for floor/ground padding. You can also donate it if it’s still in good shape to Yoga Foster– a program that helps get gently used mats to community centers.

Use one to cover your crops– If you have a small garden, you can use one to cover your crops when frost warnings are there but you aren’t harvesting yet.

Cut one into a baby changing mat– Just cut a small section of one to use when you change your baby out and about.

Keep houseplants happy– You can use them under your houseplant post to keep them more stable and non-slip or to soak up some extra water.

If you hand wash dishes, use one there– Cut one to fit under your counter dish drying rack . It will absorb your dishes’ water that drips off.

Create a ‘bowling alley’ for your kids – Polkadot Chair has a great way to use an old mat with this fun bowling game.

17 Incredible Uses for Old Yoga Mats- Don't just toss that old yoga mat! There are so many uses for old yoga mats that you won't believe it!

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