20+ Natural Ways to Scent Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. At least, that’s what I try to do in my home. I like to fill mine with all kinds of wonderful sights (with carefully chosen decor) and scents that make moods appear from energized to relaxed. Something I don’t like is artificial scents. I try to make my rooms smell inviting as naturally as possible not only because many artificial scents don’t agree with my headaches, but also because something about artificial scents just doesn’t sit right with me when there are so many wonderful natural scents out there. Here are 20+ genius natural ways to scent your home.

20+ Natural Ways To Scent Your Home

DIY Air Freshener pots from Natural Fit Foodie

DIY Bathroom Air freshener from Mamma DJane

Autumn Crockpot air Freshener from Saved by Grace

Winterfresh Air Fresheners from Shaken Together

Homemade Stovetop Air Freshener from Just a Farmer’s Daughter

Trash Can Deodorizer Tabs from Retro Housewife Goes Green

DIY Fruit Rind Air Fresheners from Free People’s Blog

DIY Lemon Parsley Kitchen Air Freshener from One Crazy House

Natural ‘Febreze’ from Brown Thumb Mama

Non- Toxic DIY Reed Diffusers from Real Food RN

Homemade Lavender Air Freshener from See Vanessa Craft

DIY Coffee Filter Flower Air Freshener for Home or Car from Run Wiki

DIY Poo-pouri Spray from Kinda Krunchy Mamas

Homemade All Natural Autumn Room Spray with no Essential Oils Needed from Chemistry Cachet

Air Freshening Tabs from Bitz and Giggles

Homemade lavender Pillow and Linen Spray from Freebie Finding Mom

Coffee Air Freshener Sachets from NoahW Via Instructables

DIY All-natural Wax Melts from Measuring Flower

Old-Fashioned Orange Pomanders from Saved by Grace

Let’s Make the House Smell Like Christmas Stove Top Air Freshener from Half Baked Harvest

Himalayan Pink Salt Candle diffusers from Hello Glow

Homemade Tropical Summer Stove top Potpourri from Winstead Wandering


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