20 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

I am writing a post about little things you can do to make your wife smile because sometimes, you just feel like doing something extra special. I can’t promise this is a list that will save your marriage or do crazy or miraculous things, but I bet you will get some ideas on how to make your wife happy for no reason other than you love her.

Now, I can’t say every lady out there will like my suggestions, but I promise you, if you just give some of them a try, she will notice the effort. It’s really the little things that add up.


20 Ways to Make Your Wife Smile


1. Let her sleep in and you take care of the kids.

2. Clean the bathroom mirror and sink.

3. Take her on a walk.

4. Let her cry on your shoulder and have patience to just listen

5. Tell her she smells nice and hold her close

6. Make her have one of those it-hurts-so-good laughs

7. Leave a sweet love note where she will find it

8. Call her when she doesn’t expect it and just say you were thinking of her

9. Do a chore she hates on a whim

10. Bring home flowers or a small gift

11. Give her a gift-card to her favorite coffee shop

12. Ask her what her dreams are and share yours

13. Fill her car with gas when you borrow it

14. Make dinner, even if it’s just something simple.

15. When she feels stressed, ask her how you can help

16. Make her, her favorite snack when she gets home from a busy day or the gym.

17. Open doors for her

18. Pull up the car on a cold or rainy day

19. Give her a deep kiss out of the blue.

20. Support her in her work. This is something that can absolutely mean the world.


4 Replies to “20 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy”

  1. I strongly agree with everything you have had to say. Sometime it is the small things that can make a large difference.
    Kat recently posted..Emmi Cheese – Review –My Profile

  2. What a great list
    I agree, it’s the simple things that mean the most.
    I like it when mine smells nice, makes that extra effort to not smell lol 😉
    Angie Agerter recently posted..In The Mind Of Revenge – About the Book & Win It! ends 3/7/16My Profile

  3. Thank you for these beautiful suggestions.
    I love these practical ideas.
    Let me add one thing quickly.
    As a husband, it’s important for you to love her unconditionally.
    That means putting her needs first instead of being selfish.
    This will light her up and you’ll feel happier, too.

  4. Wow thanks for all those levely ides and it’s was very nice way. ❤️❤️

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