30 Uses for Coconut Oil


30 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so useful in more ways than just cooking some tasty meals. It has many healthy uses that you may be surprised about. I scoured the web to find the most unique uses for this almost miracle natural resource. Here is my top 30 unique uses for coconut oil.


* Use as an eye makeup remover. It will also moisturize skin as well.

* A diaper cream

* Use for Chapped lips and make your own Lip Balm.

* Stainless steel polish

* Make a handful of Lotion Melts for gifts.

* Use it to make a bug bite stick

* Leather polish

* Remove gum from hair

* Season new pans with it

* Simply rub it on skin as a moisturizer

* Mix with baking soda and use as a deoderant

* Burn treatment

*Help heal acne with a Honey Macha Facial containing coconut oil

* Nipple cream for dry, cracked nipples from breastfeeding

* Treat nausea by rubbing on the insides of wrists

*Restore your wood cutting boards back to new with it.

* Help animals with digestive issues by adding a bit to their water or food

* Aftershave

* Toothpaste. Mix with baking soda.

* Citrus Vanilla Body scrub made from coconut oil  makes a great gift for yourself or others.

* Kill lice with it

* Get an energy boost with a teaspoon

* Nursing mothers can increase their milk flow by ingesting it daily.

*Make your own Mint-Green Tea Body Butter for dry skin.

*Use coconut oil to add moisture to your hair.

*Make a Lavender Heel Repair Stick for dry, cracked feet.

* Do Oil Pulling for dental health.

* Use as a massage oil.

*Banish hair frizz with it by just using a small amount and taming fly-aways.

* Add a tablespoon to your smoothies and get digestive benefits from it.


Additionally, it should be noted that coconut oil is anti-inflammatory. What do you use coconut oil for?

30 uses for coconut oil


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