5 Awesome Post Workout Quick Meal Ideas

5 Post Workout Quick Meal Ideas- Looking for a fast post workout snack idea? A meal that will keep the post workout pig-out at bay? Here's 5 quick ideas!


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5 Post Workout Quick Meal Ideas- Looking for a fast post workout snack idea? A meal that will keep the post workout pig-out at bay? Here's 5 quick ideas!

It is usually said that if you want to eat a better diet, you should stick with the freshest ingredients and stay away from the frozen and prepared meals. While this is often true, I sometimes take a trip through Walmart into these sections of the store just to see what is new. More and more companies are listening to consumers and I was happy to see that LEAN CUISINE® has come up with some NEW awesome meal ideas for those of us trying to eat a certain way that’s healthier.

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I had never tried a LEAN CUISINE® before because I was honestly under the impression that it wasn’t that good and it wouldn’t fit my needs. I try to stick with high protein and as many organic ingredients as I can and I remember frozen dinners tasting (to put it honestly) less than ideal. I am a bit spoiled and I make a lot of my foods fresh and homemade here. I do sometimes wish I had more quick meal options because after a workout, I am famished and kind of a beast in the kitchen on the hunt for something to eat. It’s so easy to grab something that isn’t ideal because it’s quick, too. I was glad I gave LEAN CUISINE® a try!

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If you are trying to avoid a post-workout “pig out” and need quick ideas for this ravenous time, check out these 5 awesome post workout meal ideas.

5 Awesome Post Workout Quick Meal Ideas

LEAN CUISINE® meals– These have really come a long way. I was happy to see that the LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is “made with” organic ingredients such as organic pasta. It was ready in less than 4 minutes and I have to admit, it was way better than I expected. I also tried the LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace Sweet & Spicy Korean-Style Beef because it had 15 G of protein in it. That was the perfect after-workout meal. If you are following a gluten-free diet, try the gluten-free options such as LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace Comfort Chicken in Sweet BBQ Sauce! You will be just as amazed as I was at how delicious these dishes really are from LEAN CUISINE®!

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Apple with Peanut Butter– This has to be one of my very favorite post-workout snacks because it is a good source of protein and it almost tastes like it should be bad for you! Top it with organic raisins for an extra kick. I like to use my homemade peanut butter because it is sweetened with agave instead of sugar.

Chocolate milk– A glass of chocolate milk may not sound like it’s a great post-workout snack, but if you think about it, it really is. Chocolate milk contains protein and the chocolate part contains antioxidants. A great size to drink after a workout is 8 oz.

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Grilled Chicken and Vegetables– Chicken is a pretty common go-to for post workout meals because it is a lean protein. Try to jazz it up a bit with a new seasoning or spice you haven’t tried and throw some vegetables, like peppers, on the grill while you are at it. Your body needs this recovery food!

Omelet with vegetables– Who cares what time of day it is? An omelet is easy to whip up and is the perfect post-workout meal because it have lots of protein. If omelets are not your thing, try a poached egg over avocado and tomato.

Your body needs lots of variety when it comes to post work-out meals and snacks. The best way to avoid eating something that isn’t a good choice to is make it easy for you to grab a healthier choice. LEAN CUISINE® meals are easy to grab and cook. You can also cut up your vegetables for your omelet before your workout, too!

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What’s your favorite way to enjoy a post-workout snack or meal? Have you tried any of the new LEAN CUISINE® meals?


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