#ad 5 Green Travel Tips for Earth Month

#ad This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of megabus.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

When you think of traveling, you probably don’t think that it can be an Eco-friendly thing to do. The truth is, traveling can be done very green and Eco-conscious and when I travel, I try to do it that way as much as possible. Most of the ways you can be green are common sense, but one of these tips may really surprise you when it comes to transportation. As we head into Earth Day and the end of Earth month right on into travel season, try to remember these simple green travel tips for Earth Month as you make your spring and summer travel plans this year.

5 Green Travel Tips for Earth Month-  Traveling can be green if you know how! Check out these tips including how to get there with green transportation!

5 Green Travel Tips for Earth Month

Book a Green Hotel– So many hotels are making a serious effort to offer their guests a greener experience. They are doing things such as providing recycle bins in rooms/lobbies, not doing laundry daily to conserve water and energy and even providing guests with greener toiletries. Before you book a hotel, check out their amenities and see if they offer some green options.

Choose an Eco-friendly way to get there– I bet you think there isn’t really an Eco-friendly way to travel toy our destination. After all, they all use gasoline, right? This is a common misconception. Taking Megabus is actually a super Eco-friendly way to travel! The infographic below really puts it into perspective for me. Megabus takes the place of 50 cars on the road each time with each bus and puts out far less pollution!

Megabus is always looking for ways to make travel much more Eco-friendly. The double-decker buses are outfitted with a system called GreenRoad. It alerts about issues up ahead such as traffic and keeps riders updated but it also helps the bus itself reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Megabus is safe, convenient and low cost, too!

Eat locally– Eating locally is probably something you do at home to be more Earth friendly, so why should it stop for travel? Use apps and ask locals where to eat that sources their food locally to find the places you should be getting your vacation eats at. There are many ways to eat sustainable on vacation.

Don’t forget your water bottle– One of the ways I prevent creating as much trash on vacation is to bring my own water bottle. This way I can refill it as much as I like and with any beverage I want. This also is a big money saver for me on my trips as well.

Respect the place you visit– When we go on vacation, one of our goals is to get outdoors in the area. Respecting the local and common sense rules of these beautiful areas is key to being Eco-conscious. Doing so means not making fires unless it’s a designated area, staying on trails that are established and not picking wildflowers and plants.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of megabus.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

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