5 Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to do with Weight Loss

When many people start working out, they often do it with the intentions of losing weight. This isn’t a bad goal to have, but it can be a rather frustrating one, too. Weight loss can have its ups and downs and with that comes a lot of feeling like you will never achieve your goals. For me, this was a point in my fitness routine that I started to give up and defeated. In doing so, I lost out on the many other benefits of working out. Here are 5 reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight loss to keep you motivated.

5 Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to do with Weight Loss

It’s a natural anti-depressant– I can’t tell you how many times I have internally groaned when a doctor or therapist has told me to exercise more to combat my depression. I was like, yeah right. However, when I gave it a try, I found that it really does work. Not even just right away, but over-time, too. Exercise releases hormones that make you feel amazing. After a good sweat, I feel happy and energized and over time, I notice that any deeper depression I was feeling starts to diminish.

It will keep your bones healthy– Did you know that exercise and making our muscles stronger actually helps our bones become string as well? When we build our muscles, we cause our bones to need to get stronger in order to support them. This, in turn, creates bones that are much stronger overall. Exercise can actually help combat osteoporosis down the line.

It will give you confidence– Exercise helps me not only feel great in the moment, but I also find it boosts my confidence overall as well because I am concurring dem gainz. (a goofy way of saying, I am achieving my goals). I make goals on non-weight loss issues such as lifting a certain amount of times, running a certain distance and increasing my stamina. When I smash these goals, I find my confidence to smash non-fitness goals increases.

You will be able to do more stuff- If I don’t workout, because I suffer from chronic pain, I notice and increase in pain and stiffness as well as fatigue. With working out, (along with other things, but fitness is a key factor) I am able to do the things I enjoy like runs, races and hikes.

You will be stronger mentally- With pushing past something comes stronger mental gains. By not giving up when we want to during a workout, we are training our mind to keep going in other things as well.

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  1. WOW, you have really written an awesome motivational article, I like all your point but the one which is my favorite is, “it will give you confidence” i like this paragraph. thanks you for sharing.

  2. Great article. So much emphasis is put on weight loss but there are so many other reasons- your top one anti-depressant is such an important one.
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  3. I Love your blog – always inspiring and informative,looking forward to read more articles from this blog.

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