5 Simple Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

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I have always loved the Earth. Even as a child, when I saw waste, I wondered why we did that. I always knew there were better, more earth conscious ways to live as people. I remember I had this book when I was young that was “A Kid’s Guide to Saving the Planet” and I would go through it all the time, looking for ways I can save the Earth. That’s where I learned to cut the rings that my six packs of soda came from and I still do it to this day out of habit.

One place I saw lots of waste were during the holidays. My mom was also aware, and taught me some tricks to save money and the Earth at Christmas. Often, living frugally and Eco-friendly go hand-in-hand. If you are looking to live more consciously, here are 5 simple ways to have an Eco-friendly holiday.

5 Simple Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Reuse your wrapping paper– This one was something my mom taught me. She had these same gift bags that she would give each year. Not only was this super smart on her wallet, but it made wrapping so easy, too. If you prefer to wrap your gifts in paper, consider reusing it for crafts, or simply for storing Christmas ornaments and decorations as packing paper. Another idea for making your wrapping more Eco-friendly is to use natural elements in your wrapping decor and reuse items like paper grocery bags decorated with stamps instead of buying paper.

Watch food waste– During the holidays, food waste is a real problem. How many times have you attended a get-together or made dinner for your guests and found you have lots of food left over? Not only is food waste a problem normally in the US (it is estimated that over 40% of our food bought ends up in the trash!), but during the holidays, it can become easier to do so since we tend to over-indulge and go overboard with preparations. Food waste is bad for the environment because it wastes resources in the production of the food that is being wasted. Instead, try to be conscious of the food you cook yourself and remind others to as well by taking an honest look at how much is made. Prior to the event, ask what people like so you can avoid making food that most don’t. Also, be realistic with how much kids will eat.

Travel more Eco-friendly– Many people travel during the holidays and it can be a perfect time to be more eco-friendly about it. If you plan on driving, make sure your car is ready by getting your oil changed. You should also pay attention to the type of oil you put in your car. Did you know that Castrol® offers a more renewable, plant-based full synthetic? It’s true! Castrol® Edge Bio Synthetic is engineered from 25% plant-based derivatives, and has a Fluid Titanium Technology additive that ensures maximum performance from your engine. It is also carbon neutral, meaning Castrol offsets the carbon emissions. You can now enjoy a more Eco-friendly trip to grandma’s house!

Recycle your Christmas tree– A lot of people think getting a real Christmas tree is bad for the environment, but actually, fake ones are far worse to produce. Instead of getting a tree that’s, quite frankly, annoying to store all year, opt for a real one and make sure to recycle it at the end of the season. Find out from your city if they offer a program for such recycling. Most cities do as they use the trees to create mulch or woodchips for projects around the city.

Recycle old electronics if you get new ones– That old tablet or phone can and should be recycled if possible. Doing so may even put a few dollars back into your pocket! I see kiosks all around from grocery stores, to pharmacies and even malls that will take your old devices and pay you on the spot for them. These devices are then either refurbished or recycled. They take devices and cell phones that have cracks and imperfections, too!

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