#ad 5 Unique Dates for Active Couples

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#AD 5 Unique Date Ideas for Active Couples- Getting bored with dinner and a movie and want to change things up? Here's 5 unique date night ideas to start!

My husband and I make date night a large priority in our relationship. This has been something we have done since we got together and even though kids and all the trying times we have experienced in our decade as a couple. There are so many reasons for this, but the main one if to keep things interesting and keep our relationship exciting. This means that over the years, since we do it so frequently (we try to go on a date every other week or so) we have had to get really creative and find things we may not have considered before. This opens us to lots of new experiences, and can be quite exciting just coming up with the new idea.

Since we try to live an active lifestyle, we are always looking for new ways to do that and incorporate our date night in as well. Here are some of our favorites we have done, many of them more than once.

5 Unique Dates for Active Couples

Do a 5K together– Not only are fun runs a great way to be active together, they can be a lot of fun to do if you pick one that is more than just running. Think about how much fun it would be to dunk your partner in mud, roll through colored powder or dress up in funky costumes and run with glow sticks at night! Doing a fun run is an exciting way to exercise and could be the perfect date setting, too. If you aren’t sure what to expect, check out my post on tips for doing your first color run for some ideas.

Take tennis lessons– Recently, we took to the courts with RecTennis and had a BLAST on a tennis date that was super low cost- only $25 for the two of us. This was much different than simple lessons because it included games, some technical instruction and group activities. We went to the Friends and Family Night that happens all summer long on Mondays for an hour and a half each time. The best part of the whole experience with RecTennis (other than the awesome instructors!) was that it opened us up to the idea of doing tennis in the first place. Now, we go rally at local tennis courts for some date night fun. By the way, all the equipment was provided at these tennis lessons so all we had to bring was ourselves and some water!

Visit a zoo– While not super active, visiting the zoo is a great way to get in some casual exercise from walking, Sure, zoos are typically thought of as places for kids, but there is no reason why a couple couldn’t go kid-free and enjoy it! Who knows; you may actually get to spend more time looking at the animals you want and buying each other a silly souvenir from the gift shop without kids in tow.

Map out some waterfalls and take a hike to them– I am lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where there are lots of great ‘hidden’ waterfalls. Do some research online and find some great hiking trails that offer waterfalls for a truly romantic experience. Many waterfalls are only found after miles of hiking in so this could easily turn into a long and full day date!

Rent bikes and go for a ride– If you don’t have a bike, renting can be a lot of fun and is usually a very low cost thing to do. In my area, there are world-famous biking trails in the mountains so renting bikes is often very easy to come by here. If you can, go biking somewhere you haven’t been in a different town over from you and play tourist.

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