Tips for Growing Aloe and 5 Uses



Aloe has long-been used for all sorts of ailments. It is a fairly easy plant to grow and is pretty hearty as well. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the aloe plant can usually stay pretty healthy. Here are some tips for growing aloe and 5 uses for it.


Tips for Growing Aloe Plants and 5 Uses

Tips for caring for your aloe plant:


Make sure you give your plant plenty of room to grow. Aloe plants can grow pretty large and spread pretty fast. You will want to make sure you give the plant enough room to do this and be ready to re-pot when necessary.

Use a soil that drains well. Aloe can get root-rot if you don’t.

Water 1 time per week during the “growing period” (Typically April to October or November) and 1-2 times per month when it is dormant. Use distilled water or rainwater if you can.

Aloe is a type of succulent and should be cared for in a similar fashion. While they enjoy the outdoors when it is warm out, take them in way before the first frost. If an aloe freezes, it is likely to die.



One of the most common ways to use aloe is for sunburn, but did you know there are several other ways to use this miracle goop? Check out these other ways in which aloe can be used.

Insect Bites

If you’ve ever been eaten by an insect, you might be surprised to know that aloe is a great way to take the sting out of the bite. Aloe can also help to make the bug bit stop itching. The next time a bug unknowingly takes a chunk of your skin, fight back with aloe.


Not everyone comes into contact with frostbite, but just in case you do aloe can help. Just rub it on the part of the skin that has been exposed to the extreme cold. Don’t forget you should also get that frostbite checked out by a professional.


Asthma is something that millions of Americans struggle with on a daily basis. To get a little relief, boil aloe leaves in water and inhale the vapor. This actually helps to reduce symptoms brought on by asthma.


Hey! If you have a rash that’s been bothering you for some time now, aloe vera can help alleviate the itching and possibly help clear it up. There’s nothing worse than a rash, so hopefully aloe will help yours clear up.

Athletes Foot

There’s nothing smellier than athletes foot. Use aloe to help get rid of the fungus and smell that comes with this issue. It’s nice knowing there’s something as simple as aloe in our medicine cabinets that can help fight basic issues like athletes foot.






Can I just say that there are tons of ways you can use aloe and this list is just a few ideas. Make sure you keep a bottle of aloe on hand because you can literally use it for 101 things for beauty and home purposes. Happy aloe-ing!

Tips for growing Aloe

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