5 Ways to Save Money at the Library For Teenagers and College Students

Recently, I decided to step into my local library to help my teenage stepdaughter find some things to do. She was bored over the summer and boredom and teenagers spells trouble most of the time. I hadn’t really been in the library for quite some time to be honest. I was amazed at all the ways there were for teenagers to save money and for parents of teenagers to save as well. This even translates to college students because everyone knows that college students are always trying to find ways to make it work for them budget-wise. If you are the parent of teenagers or college students or you are one yourself, check out all these ways I found to save money at the library for teens and college students.

5 Ways to Save Money at the Library For Teenagers and College Students

Free Wifi– We pay for the internet here, but if you were didn’t or you were a college student trying to cut bills, (because the internet is really getting expensive these days!) the library is a perfect place to go to get some work done or even catch up with friends over skype. Our library even offers a room that is quiet that students can use for a bit of privacy.

Check out new hobbies for free– Have you wondered if doing ceramics or learning to cook Thai food is for you? Not sure if you want to invest in equiptment or supplies or even an expensive class? The library is a perfect place to take free or extremely cheap classes to see if you even like a hobby before you invest too much into it.

Use expensive programs on computers for free and skip buying them– Does your teacher or professor require you use certain programs that cost lots of money? Check with your local library and see if they offer them for free! Many libraries offer the use of pay-by-month services such as language learning software or even geneology databases, too.

Get free passes for entertainment– Libraries often have free passes to local sports games, cultural centers, museums, and even water parks or movie theaters for kids, teens and college students. Before you go somewhere like this, check with your local public library. If they don’t have free passes, they may have discounts at least.

Borrow more than books– Most people think libraries are just for borrowing the typical stuff like books, magazines or DVDs. The truth is, many libraries are becoming borrowing mechas that offer everything from tools to sports equipment and even sewing machines and electroinic equiptment.  Before you buy, check if you can borrow!

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