5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping More Eco-Friendly

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5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping More Eco Friendly
5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping More Eco Friendly


When starting to live a more Eco-friendly life, it really is about choices you make and how they effect the world around us. Living consciously doesn’t require any special skills, but rather thoughtful living and adjustments to our everyday lives from everything we do such as getting ready for our day or even things such as grocery shopping. I really could write an entire book on choices you can make that are more Earth-friendly, but let’s start with the simple (and sometimes not so simple!) task of grocery shopping!

5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping More Eco-Friendly

Shop in bulk. Not only will you save money, but you will save containers. Food bought in bulk is much cheaper in most cases, and a lot of times you can find organic as well. To save even more packaging, ask if they store allows you to bring your own clean containers to put your bulk purchases in.

Use tote bags to bring home your groceries. Using tote bags instead of plastic bags is one huge way you can go green in your grocery shopping. I love to get fun prints on tote bags like the ones found at Boom Boom Prints. I prefer these style of bags because they are heavier than the ones you can often buy at grocery stores so they are easier to clean and they hold heavy items like canned goods with no problems.

tote bag

Buy locally when you can. When you buy locally and in season, you save the transportation of out of state produce and goods that usually needs to happen with traditional grocery stores. You are also supporting your local economy!

Don’t buy more than you need. When we over-consume, we use valuable resources for much more than we need. In addition to that, we often find that we are wasting a lot as well. Wasted food is not only bad on your pocketbook, but also bad for the environment.

Stop buying single use or individual size products. While single use products are super convenient, they mean that there is much more packaging waste going into landfills. Instead, take or pack your own individual sizes made from a larger or bulk package in reusable containers for your lunches and consider a reusable lunch bag that is BPA free.

lunch tote

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  1. Great tips! I’m in love with the prints on the bags, so cute! They make zero waste shopping not only something positive, but also beautiful. Quality food often comes in bulk, so I also buy in bulk when possible. Greetings!

  2. I like the idea of using farmers markets. It’s a great way to invest in local agriculture. Another tip I would suggest is to not buy beef. There are many other places to get your iron. If beef does have to be on the menu (and I understand because it’s still on mine), then just consume it less often. Eating less beef means less water usage, land for the animals, land for the crops they consumer, etc…
    Thanks for posting!
    Norm Brown recently posted..Flaxseed is Healthy and Eco-Friendly.My Profile

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