5 Ways to Sneak Flax Seed into Your Diet

5 Ways to Sneak Flax Seed into Your Diet- Flax seed is a super food that you should be getting more of. it's easy to sneak more flax seed into your diet.
Phoebe is sharing tips for getting more flax seed into your diet:

5 Ways to Sneak Flax Seed into Your Diet- Flax seed is a super food that you should be getting more of.  it's easy to sneak more flax seed into your diet.

Flax seed is a super food that has shown to help prevent some of our leading killers, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Many of us probably never grew up eating it, so incorporating it into our diet as an adult can be a difficult process.    The good news is that you can find flax seeds in many forms, making it rather easy to sneak it into some of our everyday foods, giving them a health boost.  It may take a little bit of trial and error to figure out the amounts that you like best, but experimentation is part of the fun, right?

5 Ways to Sneak Flax seed in Your Diet


Bake with It!
Flax seed, whether it be ground or whole, is a great addition to your baked goods.  Homemade muffins, breads, pancakes and even crackers are perfect for sneaking in super food, just add it in with the dry ingredients when mixing.

Add Flax seed to Your Cereal
Adding a pinch or two of flax seeds to your cereal will give you a great start to your morning!  Ground flax seeds will disappear in your oatmeal or cream of wheat cereal, making them easy to disguise.  It might be a bit more tricky to hide them in cold cereal, since they float, but they still make a flavorful addition.  Adding a seedy fruit like strawberries, blackberries or raspberries may help in hiding them and making the crunch not so noticeable.

Egg Substitute
How many times have you had the craving or urge to bake, yet you realize you’re out of eggs!  Fear no more — you can use flax seeds as an egg substitute!  Simply combine 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed with 3 tablespoons of water to equal one egg.  Continue baking as you normally would.


Toss it on Your Salad
Add whole flax seeds, along with sunflower seeds and almonds, to your salad to add a little bit of crunch. Or to change it up a little bit, you can create a salad dressing by using flax seed oil in place of vegetable or canola oil in homemade dressing recipes.


Drink Up!
Add ground flax seed in your smoothies for an added health boost.  You can also create a tea by steeping whole flax seeds in boiling water overnight.  If you are in a hurry, you can steep them for no less than 30 minutes and still reap the health benefits.  Once you’re finished steeping your flax seeds, simply drain the liquid off the seeds into your glass and drink up!

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  1. When I can remember, I just add it when I can like I do a spicy. Sometimes I will eat it just raw. I never thought of using flax seed as a substitute for eggs though. Thanks for the tips you mentioned. I’ll add it to my soups and macaroni mostly.
    Steve Patterson recently posted..Outdoor Truths – Father’s DayMy Profile

    1. Steve, it’s excellent in pasta dishes!

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