5 Ways You Can Use Portable Aroma Therapy For A Happier Life

We live in a world that offers more than our ancestors could ever imagine. Technology has taken us to new heights. We strive to expand our horizons. We are educated, informed, and stressed to the max. In order to keep up, we force ourselves to cram as much in a day as possible.

Studies show that 99% of all adults are electronically connected with smartphones, computers, and laptops. Our automobiles serve as a second office, a portable dining room, a taxi, and sometimes a classroom. Often the result is an overworked and an overly-stressed out generation.

Is There Help?
It is time to get back to basics. We must address our health needs and our productivity in ways that will restore our bodies. Look around you. This beautiful world we live in is completely self-sustaining. It only needs our help to recover when we have introduced our own greeds and needs which strip away its power to recover. In the same way, the universe provides us with natural remedies to keep us healthy, and happy.

5 Ways You Can Use Portable Aroma Therapy For A Happier Life

Made With Oils takes the natural plants that nature provides and processes them into pure essential oils. This affords us a way to access their powers and experience their healing properties at any time and any place. While we are in our homes or offices, we can use a diffuser to introduce the oils (mixed with water) into the air. As you smell the fragrance in the air, the oils are absorbed through the thin membranes of the nose.

Portable Aromatherapy
There are many ways to use essential oils and benefit from their healing properties while away from home. A portable car diffuser plugs into your car outlet. There are various types of jewelry that open allowing you to place the oils on an insert. While you wear it, you smell the fragrances and activate their powers. Placing carrier oil (such as coconut or olive oil) and your favorite essential oil into a roller bottle. When you need it, roll a little on your wrists and you are good to go.

5-Ways Portable Aromatherapy Can Help Boost Your Happiness

Reducing stress
Bergamot is an essential oil that can calm us. It can aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Enhancing mental awareness and energy
Peppermint has a lot of uses. It can give you energy and can help you focus. Peppermint may also boost your alertness and sharpen your focus. It is also good for potentially helping with headaches and nausea. Note: Peppermint is a very strong oil. You should not place it directly on the skin unless it is diluted with a carrier oil such as almond, hemp or coconut.

Chamomile can be an all natural anti-inflammatory oil that in some cases may reduce inflammation. Never apply it to the skin directly and always ask a doctor before use.

Migraines, fever, respiratory problems
Eucalyptus is often used in natural cold medications to help with stuffy noses and congestion. Eucalyptus helps fight stuffiness so if the sinuses are effected, you may find it comforting.

Stress, sleeplessness
Lavender is well-known as a plant that will aid in helping you to sleep better by helping you relax. A better night sleep can help you fight stress.

Essential oils are mixable. You can create your own cocktail of oils to take care of all of your needs. Here is a list of essential oils and their usage. It is important to note that essential oils are highly concentrated. It takes a 250 pounds of lavender flowers to produce 1-pound of lavender oil. You should never apply it directly to your skin or ingest it unless it is diluted and you are under the direction of a doctor or certified aromatherapist. The preferred method of using essential oils is in a diffuser.

Essential oils are nature’s gift to you. These oils can provide help that can aid in keeping you happy.

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