6 Reasons Why Dance Is Good For You

If you randomly ask people why dance is good for you, the answer is almost always, “It’s good exercise.” This statement is true. However, this answer is shamefully incomplete. Everyone knows that any activity that causes you to move your body will burn calories which does, and that is exercise. But, there are many more benefits to joining the world of dance. Below, we will give you 6 reasons why dance may be just what you are looking for.

6 Reasons Why Dance Is Good For You

Dance will assist in helping you in weight loss and toning of muscles. Dance requires a lot of energy. The human body first uses the food you eat for energy. When the activity goes beyond the amount of fuel that you consumed, it will burn the excess fat in your body.

Dance speeds your metabolism. This means your body becomes more effective at using up excess stored energy and this effect lasts well beyond the dance floor. A faster metabolism means your body will use more energy from the foods you eat and be less likely to store it.

As you dance your body becomes stronger and over time you can dance longer without getting tired. Endurance affects all aspects of your life. You can take on that difficult project at work without wearing yourself out. You can work all day and still have plenty of energy to take your kid to soccer practice or attend dinner parties or holiday get-togethers. Endurance simply gives you more prime time to enjoy your life.

Stress Buster
Stress and the health problems it brings is more prevalent now than ever before. We have more homes where both parents work outside the home. Our children have staggering academic responsibilities from grade school to college. Employers are demanding more work from fewer staff members. Dance is a great way to relieve that stress. When we dance, our brains release a chemical which makes us feel good. This natural process immediately lowers stress. Removing stress from our lives fights depression. Families who dance together stick together!

Better sleep
Dance is a sport. Studies show that the amount of physical activity a dancer produces is higher than the amount of physical activity a football player uses. The difference is he or she must maintain complete control of all of her muscles at the same time and look graceful and happy while she is doing it. Consequently, a dancer is physically tired, calm, and relaxed at the end of the day. This brings on deep, healing sleep.

Better coordination
As stated, a dancer learns amazing physical control. While dancing she is controlling her muscles, expression, and timing. This is a skill that only dancers can achieve. As this skill grows the dancer finds they have better coordination and balance. This is important to the dancer throughout her life.

Dancers work as a team. When performing, every dancer is equal and important. Because of this, dancers quickly learn that they must work together. They learn that they are only as good as their weakest dancer and in order to reach their goals they must help those who need it and they rejoice together when they perfect a move. This builds self-confidence. This is extremely important in children. They are less likely to be upset by kids that like to pick on them or tease them, because they know they are special and talented and part of something bigger than themselves. They are not easily intimidated and that sends bullies on their way.

What you will need To Get Started with Dance

Dancers can get started inexpensively. Practice usually requires a warm-up suit (sweats are fine) tights, leotard, water bottle, and something to hold their hair out of their face. Whether you are new to dance or a skilled dancer you need dance shoes such as ballet shoes and ballet slippers by Just For Kix as they will protect the feet and the dance floor.

There is no better time than right now to begin your dance journey. You will begin to see results fast and you will be healthier and happier for it.

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