6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Throwing Away


Did you know that some thing we throw away not only pollute the earth for a long time (like thousands of years or more!) but also pollute our water supply or even our food? There are proper disposal programs for most of these materials that you should be taking advantage of rather than tossing things and there are many things that most people throw away without even thinking about it when the items could be used again very easily. Here are 8 things you shouldn’t be throwing away and some uses for them as well as how to dispose of them properly.

6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Throwing Away


Paints– Most people know that this is not something to just toss in the garbage, but do you know why? It might surprise you to know that wen garbage is in the landfill, it heats up as it decomposes. If hazardous things like paint get in the mix, it can actually be very dangerous because paint, varnish and so on are flammable. Instead of just tossing it, find out where you local Hazardous Waste facility is and leave it to them to get rid of it properly.

Kitchen scraps– This one is not dangerous, but more a matter of my personal preference. You can actually take many kitchen scraps and compost them. Things like vegetable peels, banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds can actually be turned into nutrient rich soil. Never add bones, grease or meat to the compost, however, because then you will just have a pile of stinking mess.

Batteries– Many people just toss batteries when they are done with them, but they contain many harmful things that can get leached into our water supply and ground. Instead, save them up for a bit and periodically take them to someone that can dispose of them properly. Best Buy has a program in most locations.

Old medications– We drink trace amounts of medications daily due to many people flushing their old medications or tossing them in the garbage. Most communities have a collection day a couple of times a year where you can bring in old medications and have them disposed of properly. Call your local pharmacy for more info.

Old Cell phones– Just like batteries, cell phones can be dangerous for our environment. This is because of the battery in them, but also the device itself. Instead of tossing your broken cell phone into the nearest trash, donate it to a program that refurbishes them for the elderly, disabled and poor on a fixed budget.

Documents– This is more of a personal safety issue than an environmental one, but you should never get rid of mail, bank statements, check stubs or any other papers that have any identifiable info on you or your household members. Instead, get a paper shredder and recycle the shreds. If you don’t have time for that, wait until your local bank does a shred day. Most do this a coupe times a year where they will shred your documents and recycle them for you.

6 things you should never throw away



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  1. These are a very good list of what not to throw into the garbage. Someone close by in my town threw hazardous waste in the garbage and it caused a lot of trouble for the garbage people. They had to get hasmat out to clean it up. I like the one about composting Kitchen scraps.

  2. Hey Thank you for posting this, these tips are really useful. keep posting

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