8 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards

8 Awesome reason to send Christmas Cards

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It seems with so many people plugging into devices these days that the tradition of sending a holiday card has gone by the wayside. When did this happen? It seemed to creep in so slowly and before you knew it, the amount of Christmas cards you were getting each year was almost non-existent.

What is so sad to me is the disconnect this is with others. When I was a kid, my mom would type up a sort of family newsletter (on an old green screen computer!) and send that in the cards she sent out. It told our friends and family about where we were in our lives and what had changed since the year before. We would get several of these a year and I loved reading each one. Now with social media, it’s so easy to keep up with people that this seems unnecessary, but I honestly would love it if I got one of these in the mail again.

I am a bit old fashioned, but I tend to think that sticking to older traditions like this keeps me grounded and it allows me to pass on my love to the folks in my life that I really care about in a very personal manner. If you are conflicted on why you should send Christmas cards still, here are 8 amazing reasons to send Christmas cards to keep you inspired.

8 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards



It lets you keep others in the loop about your address. Think of the yearly Christmas card send off as a way to update your address book with relatives and find out theirs. If anything, this is valuable since most of us are too busy these days to do it when we move.

It gives you a way to connect with out of town relatives. Of course you would like to see all of your out of town relatives during the holidays but this is usually not possible. A Christmas card is a simple way to let them know you are thinking of them.


It’s easy to send a gift card in. For those that you may want to give a gift to but don’t have the money for shipping costs, a card is a great way to send one without any extra cost.

Not everyone is into technology. It’s easy to forget in our digital lives that not everyone likes or even uses technology such as emails, social media or the internet. Don’t leave these folks out of the fun!

You can slip family photos into them. Yearly Christmas cards are a great way to give a family photo or just one of the kids to grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as friends that they can display all year long in their homes.


They are a low cost gift for everyone on your “small gift” list. There really is a card for everyone and a card to fit anyone’s budget. You can save even more money by purchasing cards in sets. Hallmark Gold Crown has an amazing selection of cards to choose from for everyone on your list.

Everyone appreciates mail that isn’t a bill or bad news. These days, the mail box is no longer a place of letters and fun, but a place we drag our feet to in order to scoop up our bills and bad news. Make getting the mail fun again this time of year.


Christmas cards are fun to display as part of your holiday decor. I love to string my Christmas cards up to proudly display them during the season. I also don’t throw them away. I keep them as cherished memories.

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7 Replies to “8 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards”

  1. I love this.
    There is nothing more thrilling then receiving something “real” in the mail.
    I love Christmas cards and think this tradition should come back completely.
    Angie Agerter recently posted..Project 52 – Week 47 – Thankful #Project52PhotosMy Profile

    1. I agree completely! I am admittedly late on sending cards out most of the time, but this year, I plan to get them out before I have to send belated ones haha!

  2. jennifer hicks says: Reply

    And after Christmas they can be used for cool art projects.. There are some organizations that will take them to use to projects. Nothing better than recycling

  3. Christmas cards are a must in my books! I even have everyone sign their own names. And by getting everyone involved it helps them to get off the focus of what they want, and gets them thinking about other people. Great post!

  4. This missed one of the biggest reasons, writing Christmas cards is simply an incredibly thoughtful thing to do for another person. If you write more in it than Merry Christmas, it shows that you are thinking of someone. The whole process, from buying the cards, to writing them, to posting them, shows effort and effort = love.

    Also, Christmas cards are an excellent way to update people on where you are at. It can help maintain a friendship for years, even if you don’t see someone, because it demonstrates your commitment to that person.

    Christmas Cards = commitment, love, thoughtfulness

    I hope this tradition continues for many years!

    1. I love getting and receiving cards, too, MB. I hope it keeps on as well. Have a blessed Christmas!

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