8 Natural Mosquito Bite Remedies


Summer’s in full swing and so are the bugs. If you live anywhere near water like we do, (we live a couple blocks from a river) you know all too well that these little buggers show up out of no where and ruin your day. While the best way to not deal with bites from them is to prevent them with non-toxic sprays or citronella candles, that is not always something you think of when sitting outside to take in the cooler evenings in your backyard and once the bug bites are there, they itch enough to drive a person crazy! Preventing mosquito bites is important, though as they can carry devastating illnesses even in the western world such as West Nile, and more recently Zika, and there is even evidence they can be carriers of Lyme disease.

8 Natural Mosquito Bite Remedies

You can try just taking some allergy medication or using an anti-itch cream from the store, but if you don’t have any of that on hand or prefer to go a more natural route, try the following ways to solve that annoying urge to scratch.

Here are 8 natural Mosquito Bite Remedies:

1. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste and apply this to the bite.

2. Try using the inside of a banana peel to get some itch relief.

3. If you have a huge spot with a lot of bites, or one that is particularly big and swollen, try ice.

4. Apply essential oils. Lavender and Tea Tree seem to work the best. You can find these at most health food stores.

5. Although smelly, onions are said to relieve itching and burning associated with bites. Just rub a freshly cut one on the affected area.

6. Clean the bite as soon as you notice it with soap. A clean bite is less likely to itch as bad in the long run.

7. Soak a cotton ball on vinegar and apply it to the bite.

8. Make a tea compress by using a tea bag that was just used and applying it to the skin. I find that camomile works wonders.


8 Natural Mosquito Bite Remedies- Looking for some natural remedies to get rid of that mosquito bite itchiness this summer? Here are 8 natural remedies.

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