9 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for your Mind, Body and Home

9 easy new years resolutions for your mind body and home

9 easy new years resolutions for your mind body and home

The new year is almost here and for many people that means making a new year’s resolution or two. The problem with new year’s resolutions is, they are often hard to keep and not practical. A new year’s resolution doesn’t have tp be something elaborate or hard to be life-changing. You can simply make easy lifestyle choices and changes that make your life better in the end. Here are some new year’s resolutions for your mind, body and home that not only will help you find your center, but may even save you a bit of money and/or sanity.


9 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for your Mind, Body and Home


For Your Mind:

1. Pinpoint ONE thing that you need to get organized to have your life running smoothly. While “get more organized” is a great resolution, it can easily become more daunting that expected and leave you folding in the end. Instead, pick a simple action you can take now to organize. For example, maybe for you, it’s a matter of being better at remembering appointments or important dates. Find a way to do this that works for you and see your stress level go down.

2. Take 10 minutes a day to free your mind and just breathe. This can be an amazing resolution and one that most people find it easy to keep.

3. Take on a simple hobby. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, though. Remember, you have a whole year to try. It can be “learn to crochet” for example. Hobbies help our minds relax and can bring lots of joy.


For Your Body:

4. Change one thing in your diet. If that is something as simple as eating out less, then do that. You don’t have to do a lot to reap the benefits.

5. Devote 1 hour a week to getting active. This doesn’t have to be 1 hour at one sitting, either. If your day is so busy, try doing 15 minute sessions of yoga. (If you are a big girl like me, you might like my tips for doing yoga when you are plus sized post)

6. Be kind to your body by switching to natural remedies for your beauty and health. Making some of your own stuff like body butter, deodorant, lip balm, body wash and sugar scrub is low cost and luxurious! (Make sure you also check out my post on 50 things you can make with coconut oil!)


For Your Home:

7. Make a promise to skip chemicals when cleaning. I have several recipes for cleaners like “soft scrub“, soap scum remover, oven cleaner, dishwasher tabs, and of course my list of 10 uses for Dr. Bronner’s soap. You really can clean most things in your home with just baking soda, vinegar, and Dr Bronner’s.

8. Simplify. Living a minimalist lifestyle really will make it easy to clean, entertain and live in your home and it saves money as well.

9. Stop stressing about ever detail at home. Make a pact with yourself to not worry if your home is perfect or spotless all the time. You create a whole boatload of unnecessary stress for yourself when you do.


What is your New Year’s resolution this year? What do you plan on changing? Let me know in the comments!


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