9 Reasons to Start Ordering your Groceries Online

9 Reasons to Start Ordering Your Groceries Online

9 Reasons to Start Ordering Your Groceries Online

Thank you to Kaisyn Junction for sponsoring today’s post.


As someone who often gets completely winded by even the thought of going to the grocery store because of my chronic pain, I have started to wonder about grocery delivery services. After looking at the options that were available to me last year, I was a bit dismayed. The price to do delivery was too high for my budget and it seemed overly complicated. I was happy to hear about a new business, Kaisyn Junction when they placed a flyer on my door. I was intrigued and was so happy when they offered just what I was looking for. Here are some reasons to order your food online and skip the long lines and grouchy people this holiday season.


9 Reasons to Start Ordering your Groceries Online


Your food will come when you want. Unlike other grocery delivery services, Kaisyn delivers via UPS and they work with UPS’s My Choice program. This means you can order your food and even tell UPS when to deliver it to your doorstep. This cuts out the worry of getting food delivered on a day where the weather is extreme.

Prices are comparable to local grocery store prices. In looking over the website, I noticed that the large markup I was expecting was not there. The prices were about what I expected if I was at the store. In some cases, they were far cheaper. For instance, I got my favorite Durkee’s sauce (a MUST HAVE for the holidays around here) for about a dollar cheaper than I normally get it for.

Shipping is reasonable and free in some cases. Currently, any order over $50 is free to ship anywhere in the US. When you consider the cost of driving around to the stores to get your groceries, this makes it cheaper.

Shipping is fast. I noticed with many grocery delivery services, the wait time to get groceries was up to 2 weeks. With Kaisyn, its usually just 3-5 days. This means you could order your groceries on a Monday and get them by Friday or sooner. Do this once a week and you will never have to go to the store again for the majority of your groceries.

It’s not just junk. You can order meats, vegetables and even organic favorites. You can also order household needs like toilet paper and even cat treats.

You can find specialty foods. I was surprised and happy to see that there was gluten-free foods, organic foods, and even things like diabetic drinks.

You can bundle and save. If you look under “featured groceries”, you will find bundles of groceries at lower prices. Currently, there is some baking and holiday bundles where you can save on all of your holiday baking needs.

You can get all of your household staples. If all you use the service for is to keep all your household staples in stock at home, you will save so much time and money.  Many people don’t consider the cost of your time and gas to head to the store a couple of time a week or even month. When I ordered, it took way less time than going to the store.

You could win $5000 in free groceries just for ordering! Right now, anyone who orders over $50 will be entered to win $5,000 in groceries. Wouldn’t that be a great way to welcome the new year?


Are you going to considering ordering your groceries online now? What is one reason you will consider it?  Let me know in the comments!


10 Replies to “9 Reasons to Start Ordering your Groceries Online”

  1. I have been wanting to try online grocery shopping for some time now. I always buy more than $50 a week so I definitely have to look into this.

  2. I’ve been thinking about giving ordering groceries online a try. It just seems so convenient and would eliminate impulse buys.
    Erica Brooks recently posted..Does Taking A Break Affect Your Weight Loss Journey?My Profile

  3. I buy a few household items online but never really thought about food. Sure would save me time during my week.
    Jenn recently posted..Useful Gifts That Won’t Drain Your Wallet This YearMy Profile

  4. I think its a great idea…what about milk and butter though and perishable items. You said meats, so I assume they have a way of refrigerated things. I once received a sample package from a company that kept the products cold with dry ice.
    Heather recently posted..Get Pinned #Pinterest Party!My Profile

  5. I hadn’t heard of them before. Ordering online would certainly be convenient for those that don’t drive or live far from a store.

  6. What a great service! I think this would be so convenient!
    Stephanie Pass recently posted..Minecraft Gameband – Take Your Worlds Anywhere!My Profile

  7. How have I not been doing this? This could change my life! Genius!
    Kristin recently posted..Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

  8. My aunt used to live in Chicago and she would order groceries online all the time.
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..The Workaholic’s Guide to IntimacyMy Profile

  9. This sounds fabulous! I would love something like this!
    Debra recently posted..Easy Felt Doctor Who Ornaments or CharmsMy Profile

  10. Great post! I have always wondered about this and these are interesting points. I will have to look into it for my area.
    Lori @ TheHealthMinded.com recently posted..3 Things More Important To Give Someone Than That “Perfect Gift”My Profile

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