A sense of Community

My Church hosts a block party at the end of summer for all the kids and their families  in the small community of East Missoula.

Let me tell you about East Missoula and why this community needs something like this.

East Missoula is a small suburb of a larger city with the same name (Missoula). Many of the people there are low wage earners and struggle to make ends meet.  My Church planted itself there for the sole purpose of helping those who needed it in this struggling part of Missoula.

My church is “River of Life” and they have a strong heart to love the people of East Missoula and show Christ’s grace and the meaning of truly loving thy neighbor. They have many outreach programs including a food pantry, clothing closet, youth ministries and once a year things like the block party.

The main purpose of the block party is to help these low income families with basics their children will need for the upcoming school year such as backpacks and basic school supplies and to give the people of East Missoula sense of community. Not only do they do that, but they also take down information from families who have children that need new school shoes. The block party this year had inflatables, games, popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candy, ad even prizes given out. The best part? it was all free.

I can’t even begin to tell you how great the need is in East Missoula. These people are often the ones that have been devastated by the economy and are full of fight inside them. Within the first half our or so from the start of the block party, all the backpacks and many of the school supplies were gone.

I love my Church for their everyday grace they show people. I love the way they love people and demonstrate what Christ called us to do as Christians.

River of Life always needs help to keep doing these sorts of outreach programs. If any of my readers would like to donate to them, please feel free to visit this link and click on the “Giving” square. I can personally vouch that they use the funds responsibly and with love and gentle care towards those that need it most.

Here is my 9 year old having a ball on the trampoline ride (she and her friend waited in line for a half hour because they really wanted to do it!)

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