ACE cat furnature

Cats are amazingly funny and entertaining animals. As far as dog person vs cat person, I am most definitely a cat person.

I tend to spoil my cat a great deal. He has over 10 different flavors of treat bags in this house, including some freeze dried shrimp. I was very happy to come across a website that will allow me to spoil Mr. Whiskers more!

Ace Cat Furniture has probably the biggest selection of cat beds, trees, scratching posts and tunnels I have ever seen! I was sent a couple scratching posts for my kitty along with a cozy bed for him to try. The posts and bed are both of superior quality.

I loved that the larger scratching post that I was sent has a ball (I am guessing!) inside that makes noise. My big guy had fun using his hind legs to kick it and get a great sound. I wish I had taken video of it. It was so hilarious! The smaller scratcher is perfect for hanging on a doorknob.

I was also sent a great bed for him. I personally love that it matches our decor in our home and that it looks very comfy. I also liked the suede outer section. The inner cushion is not attached and this is great for laundering!

Ace Cat Furniture sells a huge selection of items for your spoiled little kitty! I loved the “Cat Clouds” products. I consider myself a little over in love with my cat and I have this dream of one day being wealthy enough to have a room just for him in my home and that would be one thing I would put in there.

Make sure you check out Ace on Facebook as well!

And now, an entertaining video of my cat enjoying his new bed from Ace. Don’t mind my silly baby talk to him. I told you I was on the verge of crazy cat lady.


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