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For many, coffee is life. There is a reason why so many t-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs mention coffee as a saving grace. My own husband is one that regards coffee in this way and I am often poked fun at for not feeling this way about it. I am one of those rare creatures (consider me a unicorn) that doesn’t drink it. Be this as it may, I  have been super passionate about how coffee is produced (in the most sustainable way possible!) and that we make sure we don’t buy coffee from places that cause deforestation to grow it. This is one reason why I love Cool Effect and why  think it’s the perfect gift this holiday season.

What is Cool Effect?

Cool Effect is a crowdfunding platform that provides folks the chance to support reduction of carbon footprints by funding Eco-projects around the globe. Cool Effect has verifiable projects that reduce carbon emissions and help the earth. By funding these projects, you can make a real difference, and by giving this gift, you can be a real part of the change.

Why Should I give a Cool Effect gift?

Not only will you be apart of the real change in the world, but your giftee also gets a tangible gift (origami) to remember your donation. Additionally, there are holiday bundles like “Brew-tiful” that allow you to support two of the projects and a personalized certificate and instructions to create origami cups. Plus, over 90% of money collected goes to the projects with Cool Effect.

Here’s Why I Mentioned Coffee

Cool Effect has an awesome campaign (out of many others!) out now called the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project. I feel that this one speaks to me because it is designed to save the forest in this area of Peru and help the locals become Eco-coffee farmers. So, not only does it save these precious lungs of the Earth, but it also helps people in the area find and keep work. Getting coffee in sustainable ways is extremely important to me because so much deforestation happens in traditional coffee farming.

This is amazing to me and something I definitely want to support. This project helps educate and arm the people in that area to take care of the land as well as help them protect over 400 bird species that are only found in this area of the world. To help them become Eco-coffee farmers, the project also offers a price premium to help over 600 families. Now, that’s an incredible gift to give, don’t you agree?

Find out more and purchase your incredibly affordable chance at saving this beautiful world we live in!


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