How To Afford Luxuries You Never Thought You Could Afford

How To Get Luxuries You Never Thought You Could Afford

You may not think you can afford high end clothing, weekend get-aways and maid services.  Really, you might be able to with a little creativity, especially if these things are not something you want or need all the time.

Here are some tips for getting some luxuries that you think you cannot afford.

How to Get Luxuries You Never Thought You Could Afford


High end clothing and designer accessories: This may surprise you, but you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for designer duds. There are multiple ways you can afford them and while some of it is luck, a lot of it is just knowing where to look. For instance, you can get many designer items from thrift store for 10% of the price they cost brand new. You can also look at clothing outlets for great steals on these luxury clothing items. Ross actually has a designer section in most of their stores.

Maid services– This is something you can probably afford if you only need it once in a while and by looking at some less advertised options, you may be able to find someone who is willing to negotiate their price. Look online on places like Craigslist for private contractors. They are often bonded and insured just like the larger companies and their price is usually lower. In addition to this, many will give your free consultations and free cleaning time if you pay for a certain amount of hours in advance. You could cut the time they maid needs to spend in your home by doing half the work as well and just having them do some deep cleaning.

Salon Services– Look for coupons and specials at certain times of the year such as prom and wedding season. You can also go to cosmetology schools and get these services performed under the watch of instructors by students. These services are often half or more off.

Weekend get-aways– Look for specials around the end of the tourist season for these get-aways while resorts try to book their last weeks for the year. You can also look into time shares. If you are really stuck for money, you may be able to split the cost with a friend or another couple.

Fancy Meals– This one can get tricky, but if you time it right, you may be able to afford a 2 for 1 meal on special holidays like Valentine’s day or Mother’s day. You can also eat at home and go out for dessert and coffee or drinks at a fine dining establishment. Another way to enjoy high end eats? Get lunch rather than dinner as the price is usually cheaper.

Home delivery of Groceries– This may not be available in all areas, but getting groceries delivered is not as expensive as you think it may be, often just a few dollars for the service. And, many retailers take coupons even for home delivery, so the service could practically pay for itself if you know how to coupon right. Check out the new services like Instacart.

Tax preparation services– Did you know that if you make under $50,000 a year and have a simple return the IRS will have a representative sit down with you and prepare your taxes for you? It’s true! And, yes, they will find you deductions you qualify for, even. The best part? It’s free! If you desire to have this done, make sure you make an appointment well in advance. Give yourself at least a month. Otherwise, prepare to have the appropriate Tax Tools and Calculators ready. An inaccurate tax return can lead to a smaller tax refund or the dreaded tax audit.



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