Apps that Help You Make Money

Apps that Help You Make Money- Make money on your cell phone just for doing things you already do like shop for groceries, take pictures and run errands!

Apps that Help You Make Money- Make money on your cell phone just for doing things you already do like shop for groceries, take pictures and run errands!

Lately, I have noticed that there are so many apps out there that claim to either save you money or make you money and while these sound like good things, some of the apps out there are simply not user friendly enough in order to make them work for the average person who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend playing around on them. Because of this, I decided to try out some of these apps and see if I could find the easiest ones to use that fit even the busiest of lifestyles. Here are my tried and tested suggested apps that help you make money.

Apps that Help You Make Money

Checkout 51- This app pays you to grocery shop, essentially. You get new offers each week in the app and you get money back just for purchasing. Just buy items on the list, take a picture of your receipt and get cash added to your account in 24 hours or less that you can redeem once you reach $20. It is pretty easy to get there as in the first week, I was already at nearly $10. I like that this app doesn’t ask you to shop at specific stores, unless the offer is a special offer. You can virtually shop anywhere that you can get a receipt at because you are looking for certain brands, not stores.

checkout 51

Foap- This is a new to me app I just started using. While I can’t say I have made any money on it yet, I included it because it is so easy to use that it’s definitely worth a shot. Basically, if you like taking pictures on your cell phone, this is an app that allows you to sell them. The pictures don’t even have to be super great quality or professional. People are selling pictures of their dinner, their cat and their backyard.

Field Agent- If you live in an urban area, Field Agent might be a good app for you to download. It is perfect for the person who is always on the go and spends a great deal of time shopping or running errands. After signing up for an account, you can start looking for work. The kind of work you will do varies, depending on your location, however, let’s just say you happened to be in Walmart and you opened your Field Agent app. It’s possible there may be a job for you there. I just saw one that paid $3 for me to simply go to the tire center at a specific Walmart location, take a photo and answer a question and I get daily notifications for offers that pay between $3 and $8. Seems like a good way to make some money on the side while I’m running errands.


ibotta– Like Checkout 51, ibotta pays you to shop. I like ibotta a lot because it not only has more offers available, but many of the offers are not brand specific, so I can easily make money on fresh and healthy items like produce. Also, ibotta has many more choices than Checkout 51 I have found, but both are worth keeping around. Additionally, get $10 when you redeem your first offer  (and you get me $5, too!) by clicking here through my referral link.


ibotta offers a fun way to get extra bonuses, too, with their team challenges and extra bonus offers. In my first week on ibotta, I took home $48.25! On top of good deals on groceries and household goods, you can save money on online shopping, too!


All of the apps listed are available on Apple iPhone, but are most likely available for android devices as well.


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