Arbonne’s New Calm line of Facial care Products

I was so excited when at the local Home & Garden show in Missoula, I ran into Arbonne Consultant, Stephanie Depew. She showed me an amazing line of skin care that is brand new to the Arbonne line of Skin care products. The line is called “Calm” and it is really amazing!


I tried 3 parts of the Calm line for a few days to see if I could see results. I admit, I was skeptical abut seeing any results after a few days, but I went ahead and gave it a shot.

The three parts I tried are the Gentle Daily Cleanser, the Gentle Daily Moisturizer and the Soothing Facial Serum. In this three part cleaning routine, that took just a few minutes to run through, I found immediate results! The Calm line is a line that was designed for folks with more sensitive skin issues so I also let my hubby try it as he has more sensitivity than myself. He was also so impressed with it! In fact, he was sad when we had to give the trials back!


What was so great about this line and what were my immediate results? I saw an amazing transformation in my skin’s texture. It went from having a nt so smooth feel to being baby soft and smooth. This happened immediately! What was more surprising, was the fact that it was not only immediate, but long lasting as well. I would do my routine at the end of the day and in the morning, it would still feel the same! I have combination skin and in some parts it is extremely oily and in other parts, dry and flaky. I noticed my skin had a uniform feel even after a long day at work.

The second most amazing thing about the Calm line was how it not only worked on it’s own beautifully, but it also counteracted problems that arose from other products I trued using! This was the truly amazing part, folks! I tried a blackhead removing scrub from a leading competitor. This was one I had not used before and was also new to the competitor;s line of products. I noticed an immediate burning sensation when I applied the blackhead cleanser and was shocked to not only feel this burning on my skin, but see my face actually get red and very irritated. The first thing I did was reach for the Gentle Daily Cleanser from Arbonne’s Calm Line and use it to clean the other stuff off completely. In less than a minute, my skin was not burning anymore and in less than 5 minuets, it was not red as well. The natural ingredients in the Calm line from Arbonne actually refreshed my skin and counteracted the poor treatment it received from the competitor’s product. This was truly amazing to me!

I can honestly say that if you have sensitive skin (or not!), the Calm Line from Arbonne is well worth the money and is money well spent!

I also tried the Chocolate Protein Shake Mix. This non-dairy vegan shake mix really is delicious. I was honestly again, a little skeptical as I didn’t think it would be that great. As a person who is recently trying to eat better and having a hard time getting over my sweet tooth, this was absolutely what I was craving. It mixed up nice and was smooth and tasty!

To get your own products from the Calm line or try the shakes yourself, please give Stephanie Depew a chance to guide you. She is amazingly supportive, friendly and easy to work with. I just know she can help you get the skin you are looking for!

You can find Stephanie on her Facebook Page and to order, just go to the Arbonne website and when asked, use ID# 13311116

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