Are You the Missing Blood Type?

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Friends and Readers, last year I told you my story of how a blood donation literally saved my life during a surgery I was having. I never thought it would be me that would need donated blood. I didn’t know about any bleeding disorder I had (and I still don’t) and I didn’t know there would be any issues during my surgery. No one in my family has any issues with blood loss during surgeries or with even a simple scrape, so it came as a complete surprise. What was supposed to be a 4 hour surgery turned into a 7 hour because of unexpected bleeding. Someone who donated blood saved my life that day.

Are You the Missing Blood Type?

Did you see what I did there in the title of this post above? The A, B and B are grayed out; ‘missing’. That’s because blood is in high demand, including A, B, AB and O. You should strongly consider donating blood, as blood donations save lives! Here are some fast facts about blood donation:


    • Blood donation takes less than an hour, is completely safe and easy to do


    • Each donation gives around a pint and that pint can save up to 3 lives


    • There is about a 20% drop in donations during the summer. This makes it hard to keep it stocked for hospitals and emergencies


    • Every 2 seconds, someone in the US needs blood


    • You can donate every 56 days, so that means up to 6 times a year.


Sometimes it can seem like it is hard to have a positive impact on the world today, but with blood donation, you can save people’s lives. I am forever grateful to the individual that took less than an hour out of their day to donate their blood that saved me the day I needed it. You can be a hero by just making a small donation of your own, too, this summer. Please consider joining this cause to #donateblood and check out more info about #missingtype at MissingTypeUS.Org.

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