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Many of you are asking me what my new “look” is like. As promised, I have some pictures of me before and after my breast reduction surgery now that I am feeling better. Of course these are fully clothed pictures. After all, this is a family-friendly and a Christian based blog.

It may seem silly, but I really do like the work my surgeon did. I feel weird saying that about my breasts, but it is true. It has been a lot to adjust to. My clothing fits better and the release of tension on my neck, back and shoulders has been an immediate noticeable factor. I am almost having to ‘re-train’ myself how to properly sit back and stand and walk. I used to walk somewhat hunched over because it relieved some of the pressure of having the larger sized breasts on my chest. This led to a curvature in my neck, shoulders and back and I am hoping to get some of the alignment back by sitting and standing straighter.

So, here is a  picture of me before my surgery. I wish I would have taken some pictures in the same outfits so you could see the difference I see when I put on my clothes, but this will have to do.

As you can see, I was carrying around quite a lot of extra weight. As I said before, I was about a 46-48 H.

Here is me now. After a lot of the swelling is down, I am now at a 42-44 D-DD depending on the bra. I have been told my swelling will continue to go down before I will settle into my new size. While a D or DD might still seem large to many of you, it is small compared to where I used to be. In fact it is about half of what I used to be.

As far as pain goes, I am off pain meds and slowly getting used to this constant ache I will probably be putting up with for quite a while. I quit taking my pain meds because I found I no longer needed that kind of strength for pain. Tylenol works just fine. I actually hate the way pain meds make me feel. Who wants to live in a cloud all day? Not me! There are still areas that are quite numb, but the feeling is slowly returning.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have back some of my energy and some of my self esteem. While many think having the attention larger breasts create would make me feel good. It didn’t and it actually made me feel bad. I used to try to hide them under baggy clothes and sweaters. I am still a modest woman, but I no longer feel ashamed of my body and I am excited to be able to work out soon. I am re-claiming my life!

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  1. Whew it amazes me that they could still be that I bet your back feels so much better.
    Mellissa Hanks recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  2. You look great hun!! i know you had a rough time after the surgery so im glad your feeling better and getting back to “normal” =]
    jennifer zuna recently posted..Bride of Fae ReviewMy Profile

  3. I just want to say congrats and glad you’re feeling a little better than you were. You did something I’ve been wanting to do since I was in high school.
    Sasha Cory recently posted..Chobani Greek Yogurt ReviewMy Profile

  4. I am so jealous! You can buy bras at Walmart!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Kraft #AnythingDressing Twitter PartyMy Profile

  5. You look great but more importantly you feel great!! What a huge difference in size. I’m a C cup and for my body size they’re small LOL. Hubby promised if I got back down to my pre baby weight he would do implants for me. I would love it!! After breast feeding 4 kiddos these girls need a little help. I have wanted bigger boobs since high school. I’ve always been thin and small, then after having kids I’ve gained quite a bit, but the boobs are still small compared to my size. I dont think of the back and neck problems that go with having larger girls…. Something to remember for sure!
    veronica recently posted..#Win a 3-Tier Chocolate Fondue Fountain #GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I am so excited for you. I recently got resized and now I am a 36 DD or 36 F which is rather upsetting. Being as small as I am it’s a lot to carry around. I am so glad you are loving the new you!
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted..Dark Shadows Blue-Ray DVD Combo Pack Giveaway Contest! #DarkShadowsMy Profile

  7. I am so proud of you! You made such a HUGE decision and you went through with it! Unfortunately you had a really hard road to recovery, but you’ve turned a corner now and are finally getting along well! I am so happy for you and love that you love the new you!
    jenny at dapperhouse recently posted..I Am No Detective, But My Teen Left Clues BehindMy Profile

  8. I have to say, this is the first picture of breasts on the internet that I was ever interested in seeing. (I didn’t even know H was a size!) So glad you’re feeling better, physically and emotionally.
    Steph @ One Sleepy Mom recently posted..Favorite Product Friday #20My Profile

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