Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts 2017

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on attractive gifts which aren’t the best choice when it
comes to nature because there are equally impressive (or even more impressive) gifts made in the
eco-friendly surrounding. Due to that, I made a list of interesting eco-friendly gifts which will impress
you and the person you are buying it for. So, let’s start browsing.

Portland Press
I am absolutely sure you know at least one coffee lover who would do anything for a good coffee
product. Well, this is a good, natural and organic product which makes is the perfect eco-friendly
gift. The  Portland Press is made from Mason jar made in Portland. It is made
from glass, wool, steel, and wood, which means this product doesn’t know what the word “plastic”
means. The quality is really good and if something breaks you can easily replace it because it has a
lifetime warranty. The design is actually pretty impressive, wood and wool from the outside and
glass and steel from the inside.

Before I say anything else, I will just mention that it is first made by the NASA. Ecosphere is actually
an entire ecosystem in a glass globe. That means it is 100% self supporting system. It consists of
shrimps eating the microorganisms in the sea water, which grows because it is filled with algae and
bacteria. The estimated life is about 2 years but it can last for more than 10 years and that is

Natural soap
Having a good quality natural soap is like having a brick of gold at home. It is very hard to locate and
to you, it will mean a fortune. All natural soaps will moisturize and clean your skin better than any
other cosmetic product and that is what is makes it so popular Christmas gift. Once you find the best
natural soap for your skin, you will buy a bucket full of it, I am sure. You can make your own with these diy soap recipes, too.

Cardboard foosball table
Yes, foosball can be eco-friendly too! Two brilliant designers have made a cardboard foosball table,
completely from recycled materials. The table is actually pretty sturdy because they made
specialized cardboard. The only materials used in this table are cardboard and wood. The table and
the players are from cardboard and the rods and screws are from wood.

Whiskey Stones
If you have a friend who is not a fan of ice, but likes his drink cold, I have a great gift idea for you.
Whiskey stones are made for soapstone which can maintain wanted temperature for a long time.
You can cool them off or warm them up, it doesn’t matter. No, it is not magic it is crafted from
natural soapstone and you can decorate them with initials of your friend. Pretty classy!


Jord Wood Watches

While many people think watches are going out because of us all having time on our cell phones, I don’t think a good watch ever goes out of style.

Jord Handcrafted watches are absolutely beautiful and created using sustainable practices that include using wood from naturally fallen trees. A Jord watch lets the wearer feel closer to nature with the stunning wood band and display. Check out my review and thoughts on Jord Watches.

 Author’s bio:
Mark is a foosball player and a blogger who has a blog called the Foosball zone. On his blog, he
shares his knowledge about foosball so if you want to learn a thing or two about foosball, visit his
blog because it has everything what a foosball player needs to know.

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