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I don’t normally write a whole lot about personal issues I am experiencing, especially one so close to home, but I feel this needs to be said and shared as I feel that Wendy’s of Montana has done my husband very wrong and people need to know about it. In these hard economic times, many people are losing jobs and getting laid off and finding themselves unjustly without work from places they worked at and were loyal to for years. My husband is no different.

Some of you may be saying, “It’s just fast food” and “oh well, he can just get another fast food job”. I can assure you, what Wendy’s of Montana did was far from OK and my Husband was shafted.


My husband worked for Wendy’s of Montana for over 4 years, and was going on 5. Two of those years, he was in management. In that time, he got numerous awards for excellent work. He was employee of the year, two years in a row, employee of the quarter, twice, and got the “Dave Thomas Excellency award” as well for being a model employee. He was also sent on two separate business training sessions out of town and was hand picked for those sessions as well as led to believe he would be promoted on numerous occasions.

Things stared getting very strange around December of 2012. He was told he would be moving to another location and was never told why. (It was mentioned to me later, and very recently,  that the reason being was because “he won’t be with us much longer”.)  That move never occurred and he was never told why.

Starting around mid January 2013, the DM (District Manager) put my husband on a “probationary period” for a “customer complaint”. Now, you have to understand this came as a complete shock to both of us since in the almost 5 years he was employed there, he was not written up for ANY infractions at all. And the supposed customer complaint was not something he did or could have controlled. It was a comment made by an employee to another employee, that was not profane in nature while my husband was busy doing paperwork he was supposed to be doing at that time. They told him it was his job to “control the crew” and that my husband needed to learn to be “more of an a*****e”. The DM mentioned to me that he was going to teach my husband to “be a b****”.

Let me ask this; How on earth is any person supposed to control what comes out of other people’s mouths, especially if they are not present to witness anything and especially if the comment that was made was not profane in any manner? Want to know what the comment was?? The employee jokingly called his co-worker a “Bushbaby“. Know what a bushbaby is? It is a small, adorable primate that lives in East Africa. The emploee that was called a Bushbaby was not offended. In fact he didn’t even remember the incident. This was what the customer complained about.


Shortly after he was put on probabtion for the bushbaby incident, (that he had no part in, even though he wrote up the employee that said the comment after he was made aware), I was fanagled into speaking with the DM (District Manager) because I knew him from years ago through my own employment there. He called the house asking for my husband, who was not home at the time. He manipulated me into speaking with him saying, “we know each other outside of work, tell me what your husband has said to you about the incident..” I mistakenly agreed to speak with him and he did not believe me when I said my husband was not there at the time (he insisted he was because he “watched the tapes”, but the time he said he was there was not when the incident occurred) and repeatedly cursed and said he was “Calling B******t”. I felt he was trying to pit me against my husband and manipulate me.

Interestingly, my husband was up for a bonus, which the DM held the day he was supposed to get it. It was later in that evening that he gave it to him saying it was at the other location in town by mistake.

Shortly after, he was taken off probation and we thought maybe the nightmare was over. In comes another customer complaint.

I was present at the time this incident occurred that the customer complained about. I had come in late night, right before the lobby closed to buy the special Valentine’s coupon books they had. The topic came up about appetite somehow and I said, innocently, “Yeah, (husband’s name) eats everything at our home.” An employee heard me say that and started laughing hysterically and said, “He eats everything, huh?” (implying a comment pertaining to oral sex).  I said, “That is NOT what I meant!” A customer heard this exchange and called in a complaint. Again, my husband was not present until the very tip of this conversation and he was busy so didn’t really hear it. He just smiled at me and went back to work.

The morning after this incident, my husband showed up to work. He went in the back office, unaware there was even an issue. In the back office was the DM. He slammed the door violently behind my husband and for dramatic effect and to add to his violent outburst, stood up and opened the door carefully only to slam it again.  He then “dropped the f-bomb” about 20 times, told my husband to hand in his keys, told him he was to get out. He was told he would get a call later when the DM “calmed down”.

Before they called my husband, they asked other employees who were there that night about the incident. The person who implied the oral sex comment denied even being there. They did not take a statement from my husband and did not allow me to speak on his behalf as a witness.

Now, on top of all this, in his search for another job this weekend, they have told potential employers why he was in trouble and that he should not be hired. He has lost out on at least one job because of this.

What makes me so angry is this man, my husband, had never had a single write up in nearly 5 years. He was awarded for his excellence in his job and in my opinion, was unfairly targeted for reasons that I can only speculate on that are financial in nature. See, my husband was making the max they will pay for someone in his position. He just got that raise about 2 weeks before they put him on that probationary period.

Something is not right here. Something smells fishy and it is not the new fish sandwich at Wendy’s. It is in a corrupt company that if Dave Thomas was still here, he would probably be upset over his name being used to hide under.

I should also mention, that although I personally like the two employees that made comments that got the customer complaints, it was not new to Wendy’s that they say offensive things. Wendy’s management was very well aware of this issue.

Please, help me spread the word on Wendy’s and their disgusting antics. No one should have to put up with profane and abusive language from their superior, being defamed when trying to seek new employment, being unfairly targeted and other things I cannot mention.


I am tweeting this copy out and you are more than welcome to tweet it as well. Also, here is the national Wendy’s Facebook page (link removed) and their company website (link removed). Please note, these are not the Wendy’s of Montana ones, because conveniently, they do not have any social media accounts or even a website that I could find.

UPDATE 2/19/2013

Thank you to everyone who tweeted. I have been contacted by Wendy’s for discussion. I will update when I know more.

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  1. That is simply awful! Not a way to run a company at all and I will happily tweet your message! I will not be eating at Wendy’s anymore!

  2. That is incredibly SHADY! Shame on the DM and everyone else involved!! That’s crazy.

  3. I tweeted for you because this is just wrong and not right.
    Bobbie recently posted..20 Rainy Day Craft ProjectsMy Profile

  4. that is just wrong and sounds very fishy and not right to me! I’m sorry you guys are dealing with this!
    jennifer zuna recently posted..Vaping Vamps ReviewMy Profile

  5. Wrong on so many levels and you are right something sounds super fishy. 🙁 I am so sorry you guys have to deal with this on top of the year you have had. *big hugs* I hope something good comes out of it all though!
    Angie Agerter recently posted..The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABCMy Profile

  6. Wow! I am sorry this has happened. I hope it all works out.
    LaVonne recently posted..Eye Surgery Is Not Fun {Plus a Teething Baby!}My Profile

  7. I am going to be the first to say that this sounds like abuse in the purist form. Now, understandably there is a limit that I would want to hear when going into an establishment. But we are talking about something totally different, we are NOT talking about an employee that talked directly to a customer or customers. This situation is one of employee to employee, which even if a customer happend to overhear would usually ignore because it would be considered eavesdropping.

    We all know that co-workers-and even friends that might show up while you work- talk about anything and everything at times. And we do so in our normal way of talking, this could be everything from swearing to using a bible passage every few seconds. A work place is one where many of us put in so many hours, that everyone becomes family, and we treat each other as such.

    From what I have read, I see nothing that would constitute even a verbal warning-this includes the all of the incidents. I see that the one that was pulling the strings in the end as having a goal in mind, and made sure that whatever that goal was, would take place. Your husband has shown no cause what-so-ever of doing anything wrong.

    {Totally Off Topic} Now, the company explaining the reason why they chose to fire him, that IS illeagal and action should be brought. I also want to say Oh my goodness aren’t those Bushbabies the cutest things in the whole wide world! I want to become a sanctuary for all the homeless ones! {Back On Topic}Wendy’s really ought to think about whom they hire and how they want their business to be seen. I for one will not be stepping one foot through their doors, not even if they were offering free food!

    1. have to agree, if it IS a legal issue, then you should be bringing this sort of issue to a gov agency and not posting onto sites until the case is closed. You don’t want them to have anything to use against you legal wise. There should be three verbal warnings, then three written warnings I would suspect.

      1. There has been no case opened as of yet. If I am advised to remove it by a legal representative, I will. Until then, this is mine and my husband’s story that I think needs to be shared. There is nothing they can use against me because I have not defamed or slandered them because everything said here is true. Defamation and slander only occurs when false statements are made.

  8. I will pray that he gets a much better job. This is incredibly wrong!
    Liz Terek recently posted..The Radio Murders: The Collectors GiveawayMy Profile

  9. I don’t feel boycotting Wendy’s is the answer. I think calling for the district managers resignation would be more appropriate!

    1. If Wendy’s treats their employees this way why should they get people’s money? People boycott all kinds of businesses (Walmart comes to mind) because of the treatment of the upper management to employees. I am hoping this will have a ripple effect and they will have no option but to take action that may effect a certain DM.

  10. I am so sorry that you and your husband are having to deal with this. I think this is completely wrong. Did the two employees that actually made the comments get fired or get reprimanded for it? He should not be held responsible for something he didn’t even do. I don’t care how much of an a** you are, you cannot control what other people say or do. I believe it is illegal for them to tell anyone why he was fired and to not hire him. I will pray that something much better comes along!
    Deanna recently posted..New Printable Coupon-$1.00 off one Sparkle Towel 6 big rolls or largerMy Profile

  11. That’s horrible that your husband is going through all of that. But it’s the district manager, not the whole company, so idk why people should stop eating there all over the country. The DM just seems like a real douchebag , name names and make a real complaint. Fight it. Not call a boycott over the internet. Again sorry for the stress that your husband , and yourself, are going through.

    1. It is my opinion that if a company’s representatives, which upper management is, treat employees poorly, and a consumer does not agree with the way they are treated, they should not spend their money at the establishment. I purposely did not name any names in this blog post because I am not trying to have people harass individuals as often happens on the internet. I did attempt to make a complaint and I was told they would not speak with me.

  12. That is just wrong! That DM should be written up for the language and treatment of employees! Where are the customer complaints when that happened!? If he is taking so seriously stupid incidents that are supposedly so horrible that he had a right to fire your husband, then he should be put out of work for his behavior in front of employees and customers alike! In my opinion his treatment is far worse than anything he has alleged as your husband’s responsibility to control.
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  13. I am so sorry, and will not be going to any Wendy’s!!! I used to work fast food, and these “complaints” are ridiculous…. My managers said much worse to me and other employee’s and never got in trouble. The fact that neither complaint had anything to do with a comment directly from your husband is craziness. I hope everything works out for you guys. 🙁
    Amanda recently posted..Want an iPad 4?!My Profile

  14. I’m sorry you and your husband are dealing with this. Hopefully you can find resolution soon.
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