Why Buying Organic Saves You Money In The Long Run

I used to be pretty anti-organic when it came to saving money. I saw the prices were more than traditional kinds of products and since coupons were pretty scarce at the time I looked into it, I figured there was no way I could save money by purchasing organic foods.

Luckily, I gave it another shot and I am so happy I did as I find I save even more money that I thought I would and there are coupons available for many organic items now.

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market

Here are some ways I have found that buying organic foods really saves me money:

Organic dairy is money saving gold. If you just take a look at “sell by” dates on organic dairy you will be amazed at how much longer it lasts. This is due to the products containing no steroids among other things that are no good for us, anyway. Organic milk is my favorite way to save this way. Because we don’t go through much of it because I no longer have a young child at home, I was finding I was tossing out more milk than I was able to use in time by purchasing regular milk. With organic milk, although it is usually a couple dollars more, I am able to use it all up way before it goes sour, thus, buying less milk and saving myself money.

Organic produce is another money saver. Since it is non-GMO and not full of chemicals, the produce can last a bit longer and you get a higher quality so you buy less.  Plus, it really is not much more expensive than traditional produce and is often locally sourced so it is much fresher. At farmer’s markets, you can often find it very low cost.

Among the immediate savings with organic food are the long term ones. Buying organic helps save your health. The food that is produced organically is free from GMOs, pesticides and hormones so you can count on it being cleaner for your body and more nutrient rich.

To find coupons for organic food, just follow some of your favorite brands on social media. They will often release coupons to their fans periodically. I have also seen coupons for organic products popping up in weekly coupon inserts in papers.


Do you shop organically? How do you use organic foods to save money?

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