Campus Book Rentals! This is a great deal!

I love a good bargain and when one is attending college, you need all the help you can get when finding deals for school needs.

That is why I love !

Textbooks are a huge expense to most college students., I remember when I was attending, I was blown away by the cost of textbooks and I couldn’t understand since most of them were only used for one class for one semester.It seemed to me like there had to be some way to save money on the cost of textbooks and when I was in school, I couldn’t find a way to rent textbooks, but now there is!

There are some great benefits to renting with These include:

  • Savings! You can save 40-90% off textbook prices by renting!
  • With, you get free shipping both to you and when you ship back to them!
  • You can highlight inside your rented textbook!
  • Flexible rental periods!

Check out this short video on how it works!

I really wish I would have found when I was in college! They make it so easy to get the textbooks you need at an affordable rate! Check out the difference in price for a book I purchased when I was in school:

I paid close to $100 for this book at my College bookstore. I remember because I was blown away it was so expensive and it contains a test sheet inside.

At the book, ServSafe Coursebook  is listed at $24.45 for an entire semester! That also includes the test sheet! Amazing! Now I feel like I got ripped off  😉

What’s more, donates to Operation Smile for every textbook rented! Wouldn’t it be great if every company did that with your purchases? Operation Smile helps children born with Cleft Palette with the cost of surgery to fix this birth defect. Cleft Palette often leaves these kids unable to eat, speak or even smile. They can also experience breathing difficulties. What a great charity to be involved with!

Still not sure? offers a free 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! What have you got to lose besides more money come fall semester at the book store?

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