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While attending college a few years back, I was shocked at how expensive the books could be when one would just be using it for a single semester that was maybe 3-4 months long! I think that first semester I spent over $500 on books and I didn’t even have enough money to buy all the books I needed. I just borrowed or studied with others and took a lot of notes. This was definitely a disadvantage for me since I missed some things that could only be found in the textbook.

Campus Book Rentals would have been a great resource at the time. I wish I had known about it, so I am here to let all you struggling college students know about it so you aren’t “that student” in the class asking to borrow someone else’s book all the time.

At Campus Book Rentals, you can rent your textbooks per semester or how ever long you need them for a way smaller cost than buying one. Typically, you will save between 40-90% off bookstore prices to rent. This is a significant savings! To make it even cheaper, the books you rent offer free shipping both ways!

To demonstrate how much of a savings there is, look at the cost of this book.

To buy it, I found that it was listed around $75-$80 and it was even more when I bought it for my Culinary Courses. To rent it on Campus Book Rentals, it is only $27.84. That is a savings of nearly $50!

If you are worried about not being able to highlight in the textbooks, worry no more! Campus Book Rentals allows you to do just that!

There are flexible rental periods as well. Pay for how much time you need!

Still not sure? Check out this short video on how easy Campus Book Rentals is to use:


Something about Campus Book Rentals I really love is how they partner with Operation Smile.

Operation smile is a non-profit organization that helps children around the world who are born with cleft pallets get the often life saving surgery they need to thrive. A cleft pallet can make it difficult to speak, eat and even make it impossible for an infant to latch on to nurse. Having this surgery not only helps them in the immediate time, but helps them be able to grow up healthy and even makes them more employable as adults.

Campus Book Rentals donates with each textbook rented!


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