Cheap Organic Foods You Can Buy


For those of us who want to eat healthier and save money as well, eating organic can be expensive if we let it.  It is possible to eat cheaper while eating more organic on a daily basis if you know what to buy and where to buy it.  Here are just a few of the top cheap organic foods that you can buy now to get help you eat better and stay on budget.

Cheap Organic Foods You Can Buy

Beans.  Full of fiber and with so many varieties, beans are a great organic buy whether you buy them in bulk or in the can. Make sure the cans are marked BPA free. Also, check out your grocery store’s bulk bin for a good deal on any quantity you may need.

Potatoes.  Since potatoes last several weeks, so when you see them on sale go ahead and buy a few pounds.  Some of the best deals on organic potatoes are often the store brands, and most times there is a bin of locally grown potatoes for your picking.

Bananas.  For just a few cents more per pound, bananas which pack a huge potassium punch, are a great find in the organic section of your produce market.

Tea.  If you are a tea drinker and don’t mind buying it in the loose variety, check out the bulk bins of assorted organic teas.  They are not produced with any pesticides and you can pick and choose how much of your favorites you want to buy.

Frozen fruits.  Of course, fresh fruit from your local farmer’s market grown nearby is always a plus when you can afford it, but a cheaper way to stock up on fruit is to buy it frozen.  There are so many choices in the organic frozen fruit section and they are a great addition to smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, and salads. 

Milk and Dairy.  Milk and Dairy are one of the cheapest ways to go organic. Local co-ops as well as farmer’s markets often offer many products that are organically produced. This was one of the first things I chose to go organic with and it’s one of the easiest to find as well.

Spices.  Spices in jars can be super expensive, but if you want to buy organic and get good quality spices, once again use the bulk bins and only buy what you need.  Keep stored in airtight containers and they will last just as long as the pricier jarred spices.

Living and eating an organic lifestyle can be challenging today, but with a little extra effort and shopping around, you can save some money and still buy some good stuff at your favorite stores.  Most major chain grocery stores are offering their own organic brand of items now, so prices are much lower than they used to be.  Just check out your sale flyers and keep your eyes out for coupons as well.


Cheap Organic Foods You Can Buy- Organic doesn't have to be expensive! There are many organic staples for your fridge and pantry that are only pennies more!

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