Citrus Rose Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are one of my favorite DIY beauty crafts to do. For one, they are incredibly easy to make. This means that they can be made on the fly and whenever your lips need a little TLC. With us heading into the fall season now, my lips are seeing the effects of the season. We are having a terrible fire season up here in the Pacific Northwest and that means everything feels depleted in my body, including the moisture in my skin and lips. I came up with this awesome and beneficial lip scrub using some of my favorite essential oils and ingredients that you can make in less than 5 minutes. It also smells pretty amazing with it’s energizing and romantic scents.

Before we begin, let’s talk ingredients here. Most lip scrubs call for 3 basic ingredients- coconut oil, sugar and essential oil. Mine has an added ingredient because I wanted it’s added benefits. While coconut oil is a great carrier oil for the essential oils, it can tend to dry some people’s lips or skin out even more. I included sunflower oil because it has the added benefit of being moisturizing and it contains a lot of vitamin E. While you will be wiping off your lips after you exfoliate with this, you can still get some of the benefits of the sunflower oil because you will be rubbing it in, in the process.

Citrus Rose Lip Scrub

Ingredients to make Citrus Rose Lip Scrub:

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

1/8 Cup Sunflower oil

3/4 Cup Sugar

10 Drops Rose Essential Oil

15 Drops Citrus Essential Oil (I used lemon, but you could use orange, grapefruit or even a citrus blend)

How to Make Citrus Rose Lip Scrub:

Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler on the stove. If your home is like mine, though, during this time of year my coconut oil is usually in liquid form as it has a melting point of only about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pour the coconut oil into a bowl and add the sunflower oil. Give it a gentle stir.

Pour your sugar in.

Add in your essential oils and mix well. You can store this in small containers to use later or use it right away. This recipe will make a lot so be prepared to give some away!

To use your lip scrub, simply scoop some out with your finger and either apply it to an old toothbrush or your fingers and make small circular motions to gently slough off dead skin.

Citrus Rose Lip Scrub DIY- Prepare for the cold weather ahead and keep your lips soft with this lip scrub that also moisturizes!

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