Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver Uses

I take many supplements for a variety of reasons, but I mostly take them for immune boosting*. One of them that I take is Colloidal Silver. If you have never heard of it, Colloidal Silver is basically tiny particles of the metal silver suspended in water. There are many reasons I take it, but the main reason is it’s old school thought to be an immune system booster.

I don’t take it per the instructions on the bottle because I have read about the fact that taking it for too long and in too high of doses can actually cause your skin to be permanently colored slightly blue-ish (a condition known as argyria) and I am not trying to walk down the street looking like Smurfette one day.  There is so much conflicting information out there about the use of colloidal silver, so I suggest, first and foremost, that if you want to take it you do your research before making your decision. It is also important to note that the FDA has not approved it’s use.


Colloidal Silver Uses – Why I use it


I personally use colloidal silver because I believe in the research that says it binds to certain proteins in germs and kills them*. As someone with Lyme Disease, I am looking for any way to feel better. I take a very small daily dosage. It’s actually about 1/10th of the “recommended dose” on the bottle. I do this because I am personally using a bit of caution since I am somewhat new to using it.

I haven’t really noticed much of a change in how I feel, good or bad. I do think it will eventually help, though. If I don’t notice some help with it in 6 months, I plan on not using it anymore on a daily basis, and only as an immune booster for colds and flu simply because it is not exactly low cost and I don’t believe in doing something over and over with no result.

Many people do not take Colloidal Silver daily as I do. They take it as an immune booster* when they start to feel ill or are coming down with something. Some have said that it shortens and lessens the symptoms of a cold. I haven’t had a cold since I started using it so I can’t say whether or not that has worked for me for that particular reason.

Some folks claim it can help with pink eye when dropped directly into the eye, but I am extremely cautious about that idea. I have also heard of some people only using it topically for infections on the skin, or to prevent them.

Some folks who use colloidal silver topically but not internally. They use it for things like sores and cuts and to heal skin disorders. I haven’t used it in this way so I can’t say how that works, unfortunately.

It is important to note that those that suffered from the blue tinted skin used it for a long period of time and often consumed large amounts and it is very rare, however possible. This still makes me cautious.

I also don’t recommend making your own. This is one thing you don’t want to DIY.


The Bottom Line

You will find pros and cons online about it’s benefits (or lack of them) and warnings as well as praises.  I will keep you all updated on my journey using it, so stay tuned to this post for more info. I am eager to know more about this if you do, dear readers. Please feel free to leave comments!

To purchase** some colloidal silver to try it after you have done your research, click here for some colloidal silver brands.




* This post and it’s information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease and is for education and discussion purposes only. These statements and colloidal silver’s usage is not approved by the FDA. Please seek medical advice from a licensed medical professional.

**Th link provided is an affiliate link and I am compensated when you purchase through it. Thanks for supporting my blog!



4 Replies to “Colloidal Silver Uses”

  1. We use it mainly topically & so far have seen great results! Cuts, yes pinkbeye, drops in ear for light ear infections…really anything you’d use topical anti bacterial cream on.
    Rach D recently posted..10 Steps To Make Our Homes Sparkle: Step By Step De-ClutteringMy Profile

    1. Do you find that it helps heal cuts faster? I haven’t had the chance to try it on that and I don’t even remember the last time we had pinkeye here (Thank God for that!) but I am really curious.

  2. Sharon Forcey says: Reply

    We’ve been using CS for years. As son as my kids starting feeling like an earache was coming on I’d put drops in their ears.

    I put CS in a nasal mist bottle and spray up my nose several times a day to help get rid of sinus infections. I love the stuff.

  3. My grandmother last year had very deep wound from surgery in which the doctors had messed up while doing the surgery to her spine! Needless to say she was left paralyzed and also with a wound that wouldn’t heal Pretty much summed up just left to die but once antibiotics wasn’t helping no improvement in healing process we turned to this in a salve form and used it and prayed during each wound care dressing we did… It was healed sealed up completely no infection after two months!!! Amazing outcome doctors couldn’t believe our testimony! The incision they sent her home with was stomach churning and wasn’t suppose to ever heal completely yet there was a small scar left in just a few weeks!!! I’m doing more research found this blog due to I’m interested in using it for my little one for ear infection seems like antibiotics just take forever and have to use more than one round maybe this will work better. I will keep you updated on treatment for ear aches and infection.

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