Consultation with my Plastic Surgeon


Continuing on my journey to breast reduction, I had a consultation with my surgeon. I was so nervous! My husband had to work and could not get the time off, so a very close friend of mine came with me to the appointment. It was great for her, too, because she would like to get a reduction as well at some point so she got to learn about a consult and some information about the process.

My surgeon is an older gentleman who have over 35 years experience. He says on average he does 30 breast reductions a year.

It was really awkward to have him poke, pull and squeeze my breasts. Although it was uncomfortable, I was happy to see that he knew a lot about what he was doing and was very willing to answer my questions. I left with a lot of knowledge and a greater understanding of the surgical process.

I am very glad my surgeon is so careful when it comes to infections and taking care of myself. He was very thorough with explaining how to avoid infections and the process for taking care of myself after.

My surgery is scheduled for September 6th! I am so excited! I have a complete physical in 3 weeks to make sure I am cleared for surgery.

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