Couponing in the Land of No-Doubling

You may not know this, but in the city in Montana, where I reside, there are no stores that double coupons on a regular basis. I had heard that our Albertson’s sometimes does it, but I have yet to see it.

The best way I have found to save money is to stockpile. I have a little stockpile going on that I used coupons for. It was somewhat of an investment at first, but with the things I have, I no longer need to buy them. for months or even a year.

I have noticed that the coupons in newspapers here are not the same as ones in other parts of the country. One way to solve this is to use a coupon clipping service. I personally recommend The Coupon Clippers. Rachael, who runs the site, is extremely friendly and the service is fast. For about $5 a week, I get coupons to save $50-$100 a week. One of my favorite finds has been the coupon for Hefty Slider Bags. They sell them at the Dollar Tree here and the coupon allowed me to buy one get one free. For a total of $12, I was about to buy enough boxes of bags to last me for months!

I have also been combining coupons on sales. This also has allowed me to get some awesome best value buys.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing when I find an awesome coupon and deal so I can help those of us that live in this part of the country that makes getting screaming deals with coupons few and far between. I was once a non-believer in coupon usage, and now, with the right planning, I know I can save a bundle. Couponing has really started to change the way I shop and I want it to change the way you do as well.

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