Naturally Dyed Rubberband Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Rubberband Easter Eggs

As a kid, I always did dyed eggs with the kits you buy for under a dollar that have the fizzy tabs that turn your eggs bright, neon colors. To get designs I would take the little wax crayon that came in the kits and draw relatives names and dip them in the small cups feeling like it was magic when they came out and had the “invisible” designs I drew on them.

With Easter fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to experiment with something a little bit different this year. Being that I am not overly crafty, I decided to do rubber band designs that didn’t turn out as bold as I had hoped, but still made for some interesting looking eggs. I also dip dyed them in natural egg dyes instead of the technicolor ones as well.

How to Do Designs with Rubber Bands on Easter Eggs with Natural Dye


Doing the designs is really simple and only requires some rubber bands, natural Easter egg dyes and patience.

Just simply slip the bands over the already cooked and cooled hard boiled eggs. I went with skinny rubber bands because that was all I had on hand, but I think the thicker bands would create a more distinct look and allow more more creativity as the skinny bands kept wanting to slip off my eggs and it was rather frustrating.

rubber band easter eggs-1

When you have your eggs banded up as you want them, just dunk them in the natural dye and leave them there until you achieve the color you want. If you are wondering, the natural dye does not change the taste of the eggs themselves.

rubber band easter Eggs-2

The natural egg dye I used is pretty simple and requires no special skills or materials. I simply used some items I got at the natural foods market. You can find my recipe for natural egg dye on a blog I contribute to, Premeditated Leftovers. To achieve the pastel look of the eggs seen here, I left the eggs in the dye for a short period of about an hour and a half.  You can get a bolder look by doing it longer.


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