Delicious Tuna Melts!


I make this often for myself for a quick lunch. I can’t ever just leave a traditional recipe alone, so I jazz it up a bit 😉 Enjoy!

Jazzy Tuna Melts

~can of tuna, drained

~Horseradish sauce (I used Kraft brand, but you could just use a bunch of packets of Arby’s horsey Sauce. I won’t tell) or mayo and horseradish mixed together to taste

~Onion powder

~Chilli Powder

~Seasoning Salt

~Mayonnaise or miracle whip

~Sweet-hot mustard (I use Beaver Brand)

~pickles, sliced

~white cheese (I use Velvetta Slices in Queso Blanco)


~Butter spread

Simply mix all the ingredients (except for the cheese, bread, butter spread & pickles) together to taste.

Spread butter spread on two slices of bread. place one down in a flat pan and put about a 1/2 inch of tuna mix on bread. Top with cheese slice and pickles.

Cook on med heat and flip. It’s done when each side is golden brown and cheese is melted!

Serve up with some more pickles!

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  1. That is a tuna sandwich on steroids. When I make tuna I just mix some salad dressing and tuna together and call it a meal.

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