Introducing Denny’s new “Build Your Own” Menu!

Denny’s was gracious enough to treat my family to a night of trying the new “Build Your Own” menu!

Kids and picky husbands love the chance to build their own meals! The “Build Your Own” menu offers the diner a chance to make their own milkshakes and burgers as well as choose sides. From the wacky toppings for burgers such as mac n cheese and eggs to crazy concoctions for milkshakes with bananas and bacon, you can really customize your meal! With Burgers starting at just $6.99, and milkshakes at $3.99,  this is a great deal!

The “Build Your Own” dining experience is not only a custom experience, but fun as well with order pads at the tables that you fill in yourself. I took the liberty of filling in everyone’s orders as they dictated to me what they wanted.

My daughter could not wait to get her milkshake. She told me all day that she wanted raspberries in shake and was thrilled to see that, that was an option. She chose to make a chocolate-oreo-raspberry shake. Here she is slurping her creation down:

I was a little less adventurous with the shake my husband and I shared. I got us a chocolate-peanut butter-banana shake. It came picture perfect with chocolate chips sprinkled on top of a cloud of whipped cream.

When our burgers arrived, I was seriously impressed. The patties were hand pressed and deliciously cooked. I had a ground beef patty on a cheddar bun with spinach, tomato, BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar cheese.

My Husband had a ground beef patty on potato bread with jalapenos, BBQ sauce, onions, bacon and cheese.

My daughter had a ground beef patty with ketchup, tomato, cheese and mushrooms on a sesame seed bun.

As you can see, the new menu is a ton of fun for a family! We had a great time picking out out meals and shakes! On top of it, our new favorite waiter,  Darrell, served us great food and big smiles! Denny’s really is the place to be for a fun night with the family! I have never felt more welcome at our local Denny’s!





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