Design on a Shoestring


I spent a good year collecting items for my ultimate design I wanted in my home. It was hugely refreshing when I finally had enough to do it and went through my home and de-cluttered a the beginning of the spring season this year.

The reason it took me so long was I do not have a great budget to work with and since I rent, my limitations on the wall coloring and flooring is something I am stuck with. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a beautiful home on a shoestring budget!


Eiffel Tower Picture from The local Goodwill. It was $5.00

Here are some of my tips to creating a beautiful space:

  • First, decide on a color scheme you want to have. It is vital to making sure you have a beautiful design. Pick 2-3 colors/shades  you want to stick to and stay with them. In my case, I went with warm autumn inspired colors such as olive green, brown and orange. Deciding this first will help you know how to find the right items.
  • Go for simplicity. If you look at home decorating magazines and showrooms, you see one theme: simplicity. There is no clutter, and the colors all go well together. This does not mean there is no place for knicknacks in a well designed home, it just means that the ones you have should fit the theme and be the ones you really like.


All pillows from the Goodwill, Down comforter for $7.00, Sign on wall at Ross outlet stores was $5.99

To find items to decorate with:

  • For faux floral arrangements, something I love, I hit up my local Michael’s craft store. Often at the end of the season, they will heavily discount their arrangements that were made by employees during classes. I got this one for a mere $2!


  • Don’t forget your local thrift stores. The right pieces may just be there, hiding among the knicknacks. You can also re-purpose what you find. I bought a calendar and placed a favorite picture in it in a thrift store frame.


  • Don’t put your nose up at dumpster “diving”. While I have never actually climbed in a dumpster for items, I have found some great pieces of furniture in them.
  • Outlet store like Marshall’s, Ross and T.J. Maxx have amazing deals on indoor decor.

The best tip to remember is you don’t have to pay a lot to have beautiful indoor design. You just need a little creativity and a willingness to do it!

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